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Study Group 6 Rapporteurs, Rapporteur Groups and Correspondence Groups

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Rapporteur on terminology (CCV/SCV)
Rapporteur: P. Giudici (;

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​​​Steering Committee sharepoint (002).jpg
(sc members only)

Mailing list for Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of SG 6​
Chairman: Yukihiro Nishida (​)


(restricted to Chairman and Vice-Chairmen)

Study Group 6 (SG 6)
ChairmanYukihiro Nishida (
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Rapporteur Group on Inter Working Party RG Resolutions Review
Co-chairmenAndy Quested (​), 
                      ​​Paul Gardiner (​​),
 ​            R. Bunch​ (​​)   . 

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Rapporteur ​Group on Study Group 6 Expo and Workshop
ChairmanAndy Quested​ (​​)
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