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WP 6A Rapporteurs, Rapporteur Groups and Correspondence Groups

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Rapporteur on Power Line Telecommuni​cation (PLT) and general EMC-related potential
interference issues​
RapporteurJohn Shaw (
​-​rsg6-rg-plt Annex 9 to 6A/36
​Rapporteur on Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) issues
RapporteurJohn Shaw (
- rwp6a-r-wpt​
Doc. 6/19​
Rapporteur Group on R​F Hazard issues
ChairmanDr. W. Sami (
sharepoint (002).jpg ​​rwp6a-rg-rfhaz Annex 10 to
​​​​Rapporteur Group on Undertake WRC-19 related studies called for by CPM19-1
Chairman: R. Bunch (
sharepoint (002).jpg ​​​rwp6a-rg-wrc19​​ ​Annex 13 to 

Correspondence Group on Use of MER to assess impact of
anomalous propagation on co-channel interference
Chairman: K. Huber (

sharepoint (002).jpg


Annex 15 to

Correspondence Group on Guidance for implementing beyond
1st generation DTTB systems and methods for their quality of service
performance requirements evaluation
Chairman: R. Bunch (

sharepoint (002).jpg


​Annex 13 to
Correspondence Group on Advanced network planning and transmission methods
for enhancements of digital terrestrial television broadcasting
Chairman: A.​ Lashkevich (​)
sharepoint (002).jpgrwp6a-cg-advbroadcast​ Annex 11 to
​​​ Correspondence Group on Characteristics of digital terrestrial television, sound
and multimedia broadcasting systems in the frequency band
174-230 MHz for frequency sharing/interference analyses
Chairman: M​. Jordan (
sharepoint (002).jpg ​rwp6a-cg-b3bcparam Annex 12 to

Mailing list for Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of WP 6A
Chairman: Amir Hassan Nafez ( ​​​​

-​ rwp6a-cvc
(restricted to Chairm​an and Vice-Chairmen)
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