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Rapporteur on Power Line Telecommuni​cation (PLT) and general EMC-related potential
interference issues​
RapporteurJohn Shaw (
Annex 8 to 6A/523
​Rapporteur on Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) issues
RapporteurJohn Shaw (
- rwp6a-r-wpt​
Annex 4 to 6A/585
Rapporteur Group on R​F Hazard issues
ChairmanDr. W. Sami (
sharepoint (002).jpg ​​rwp6a-rg-rfhaz Annex 10 to
​​​Rapporteur Group on Revision of ITU-R Texts To Include ATSC 3.0 ​
ChairmanMr. Louis Libin​ (​​)
sharepoint (002).jpg rwp6a-rg-atsc3-0 Annex 7 to
​​​​Rapporteur Group [MONTECARLODTT] -
Co-existence calculations for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting
using Monte Carlo simulations interference issues​
RapporteurMark Jordan (​)​
sharepoint (002).jpg
Annex 16 to
​​​​​Rapporteur Group on SAB/SAP issues​​ ​
Chairman J. Ciaudelli​​​ (​​
sharepoint (002).jpg
Annex 19 to

​​​​Rapporteur Group and Workplan on WRC-23 agenda item 1.5​
ChairmanMr. David Hemingway​​ (​)​
sharepoint (002).jpg
Annex 18​ to
​​​Rapporteur Group to undertake WRC-23 related studies called for by CPM23-1​​
ChairmanMr. Roger Bunch​​ (​)​​
sharepoint (002).jpg
rwp6a-rg-wrc23-cpm23-1​ Annex​ 17​ to

Correspondence Group on Advanced network planning and transmission methods
for enhancements of digital terrestrial television broadcasting
Chairman: A.​ Lashkevich (​)

sharepoint (002).jpg
rwp6a-cg-advbroadcast​ Annex 7 to
​​​​Correspondence Group on the revision of Reports ITU-R BS.2384 and ITU-R BT.2140​
RapporteurThiago Soares (​)​
sharepoint (002).jpg
Annex 19​ to
​​​Correspondence Group on development of
new Report/Recommendation ITU-R BT.[INTRO-NEWTECH] ​
ChairmanDavid Hemingway​​ (​
sharepoint (002).jpg
rwp6a-cg-newtech Annex 09​ to

Mailing list for Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of WP 6A
Chairman: Amir Hassan​ Nafez ( ​​​

- rwp6a-cvc
(restricted to
Chairm​an and
​Working Party 6A (WP 6A) sharepoint (002).jpg rwp6a​​ ​-