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WP 6C Rapporteurs, Rapporteur Groups and Correspondence Groups

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Rapporteur on Time and Control Code
RapporteurP. Dare (
-​​rwp6c-rg-time-control-code Annex 21 to 6C/60
​​​ ​Rapporteur on ​Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in broadcasting
Chairman: P. Crum (
- rwp6c-ai​ Annex 13 to 6C/467​
​​​​Rapporteurs on IMT related topics
Co-RapporteursD. Hemingway​ (, 
      Shuichi Aoki (
-​​​rwp6​c-imt ​Annex 17 to 6C/344

Rapporteur Group on High Dynamic Range in television systems (HDR-TV)
Chairman: P. Gardiner (

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Annex 11 to 6C/467

Rapporteur Group on Methods to assess, measure and specify "Quality of Experience"
in television broadcasting
Co-Chairmen: A. Quested (,
                   Chulhee Lee (

sharepoint (002).jpg ​​rwp6c-rg-30 Annex 11 to 6C/380​

Rapporteur Group on Loudness Measurement Algorithm
Co-C​hairman: Scott Norcross​ (
            Satoshi Oode​ ( ​

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Annex 10 to 6C/467​​​

Rapporteur Group on Creating a renderer for the advanced sound systems
Chairman: D. Wood (

sharepoint (002).jpg rwp6c-rg-33 Annex 9 to 6C/467
​​​​ ​Rapporteur Group on Advanced Immersive Audio-Visual systems (AIAV)
Chairman: P. Crum (
sharepoint (002).jpg ​rwp6c-rg-aiav  Annex 12 to 6C/467
​​​ Rapporteur Group on Review ITU-R WP 6C Text to support advanced sound systems
Co-Chairmen: S. Norcross​ (​),​
                         F. Nagel (​)​
sharepoint (002).jpg rwp​6c-rg-asst​​
Annex 18 to 6C/429
​​​​​​​ ​Rapporteur Group on Produce ITU-R text(s) on audio visual media accessibility
in the broadcasting service
​Chairman: Ch. Dosch (
sharepoint (002).jpg ​rwp6c-​rg-ava ​Annex 17 to 6C/344
​​Rapporteur Group on Subjective audio evaluation without a known reference​
Co-Chairmen: J. Stachurski​ (jacek.s​​),
         Ch. Spike ( ​

rwp6c-rg-sae​​ Annex 19 to 6C/429
Correspondence Group on Strategic review of ITU-R Reports on HDR (CG-RepHDR)​
​Chairman: R. Bun​ch (​
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Annex 8 to 6C/467 
​​​ ​Mailing list for Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of WP 6C
Chairman: A. Quested (​)
​- rwp6c-cvc
(restricted to Chairman and Vice-C​hairmen)

​Working Party 6C (WP 6C) sharepoint (002).jpg ​rwp6c
​Intersector Rapporteur Group on IRG-AVQA (Audio Visual Quality Assessment among
ITU-R SG 6, ITU-T SG 9 and ITU-T SG 12)
 Chairman: C. Lee (
Web​ Site -​ ​
Intersector Rapporteur Group on IRG-AVA (Audiovisual Media Accessibility among
ITU-R SG 6, ITU-T SG 9 and ITU-T SG 16)

Chairman: D​. Wood ( ​
Web Site- w​