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WP 6C Rapporteurs, Rapporteur Groups and Correspondence Groups

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Rapporteur on Time and Control Code
RapporteurP. Dare (
-​​rwp6c-rg-time-control-code Annex 21 to 6C/60 

Rapporteur Group on High Dynamic Range in television systems (HDR-TV)
Chairman: P. Gardiner (

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Annex 17 to 6C/278​ ​

Rapporteur Group on Methods to assess, measure and specify "Quality of Experience"
in television broadcasting
Co-Chairmen: A. Quested ( &
Chulhee Lee (

sharepoint (002).jpg ​​rwp6c-rg-30 Annex 11 to 6C/380​

Rapporteur Group on Creating a renderer for the advanced sound systems
Chairman: D. Wood (

sharepoint (002).jpg rwp6c-rg-33 ​Annex 18 to 6C/278 
​​​​ ​Rapporteur on Advanced Immersive Audio-Visual systems (AIAV)
Co-Chairmen: P. Crum ( &
N. Peters​​ ( ​​
sharepoint (002).jpg​rwp6c-rg-aiav Annex 20 to 6C/278  ​

​Rapporteur Group on Operational room response
Co-Chairmen: A. Silzle ( &
I. Dash (

sharepoint (002).jpg rwp6c-rg-bs1116​ Annex 1​5 to 6C/278​ 
​​Rapporteur Group on Loudness Compliance
Co-Chairmen: S. Norcross ( &
I. Dash ( ​
sharepoint (002).jpg rwp6c-rg-loud Annex 16 to 6C/278​ 
Rapporteur Group on Development of DNR
for subjective test method “MS-IPM” (RG-MS-IPM)

Co-Chairmen: J. Stachurski ( &
A. Silzle (​)
sharepoint (002).jpg rwp6c-rg-ms-ipm​​​ Annex 19 to 6C/278 ​
​​Co​rrespondence ​Group on Revision of Rec.BT.500
Co-ChairmenC. Lee (​) &
A. Quest ( ​​​​
sharepoint (002).jpg rwp6c-cg-bt500​​ Annex 13​ to 6C/220 ​
​​​ Mailing list for Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of WP 6C
Chairman: AndyQuested (​)
​- rwp6b-cvc
(restricted to Chairman and Vice-C​hairmen)

​Working Party 6C (WP 6C) sharepoint (002).jpg ​rwp6c
​Intersector Rapporteur Group on IRG-AVQA (Audio Visual Quality Assessment among
ITU-R SG 6, ITU-T SG 9 and ITU-T SG 12)
 Chairman: C. Lee (
Web​ Site -​ ​
Intersector Rapporteur Group on IRG-AVA (Audiovisual Media Accessibility among
ITU-R SG 6, ITU-T SG 9 and ITU-T SG 16)

Chairman: D. Wood ( ​
Web Site -​​ w​