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Important Announcement:  As of July 1, 2016, the SpaceWISC system will no longer be accepting new API submissions.  Please refer to CR/401

 Access to Spacewisc system:

    User Guides:

Free PDF Download​Brief Description
Quick start guide for capturing a new API
Guide for creating a modification or a suppression of an existing API
​Guide for uploading a mdb file to SpaceWISC system
​Quick tips concerning TIES accounts
​Guide for adding users to the SpaceWISC system


Note that before accessing the system, your administration must first nominate to the Bureau a manager role, who will then assign other users to the administration or operator. For security reasons, access to the SpaceWISC platform is restricted to registered TIES users only.

Access to the platform is opened to any web browsers from a PC (Windows), a Mac or tablets (iOS, Android or others). To avoid compatibility problems, users are encouraged to use the latest versions of web-browsers. No separate software installation is required.

There are 3 categories of user roles in SpaceWISC: Manager role, Administration role and Operator role (see CR/376 for more details). The Bureau will be responsible for registering accounts for the Manager role. In this regard, administrations are invited to communicate to the Bureau by fax: +41 22 730 5785 the initial list of one or more person (or entity) assigned for the Manager role, indicating the person's name, title, email address, telephone number and TIES user name. The person assigned with the Manager role will then add other users to his/her administration as administration role or operator role.


The Bureau will maintain a hotline (telephone +41 22 730 6777) from 09:00 to 17:00 hours, Geneva time, and a helpdesk ( to assist administrations with SpaceWISC.