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The collection of the BR WIC (Weekly Information Circulars) and BR IFIC (International Frequency Information Circulars) Space Services is a purchasable service publication on DVD-ROM in Portable Document Format (PDF) issued once a year by the Radiocommunication Bureau. For more information see CR 235.

To order the BR WIC / IFIC Collection DVD-ROM
 How to use the DVD-ROM (with screen shots) 
  Content of the  DVD-ROM
It contains Parts and Special Section publications with information on the frequency assignments to space stations, earth stations or radioastronomy stations submitted to the Radiocommunication Bureau by ITU Member State Administrations for recording in the Master International Frequency Register as well as those that are submitted under the relevant provisions of the Radio Regulations or which are subject to the Appendices 30, 30A and 30B Plans.
  It contains all Special Sections, even those published prior to 2000 on paper.
  It contains PART I-S published from the year 2000.
  It contains all PART II-S and PART III-S published from the year 1993.
  The PART I-S, II-S and III-S which are not available were published in microfiche.
It contains CR/C publication with the TSUM (TSUM is the Transaction Summary document which includes the detailed characteristics of the satellite network). TSUM is accessible by a link in the bookmark of the corresponding publication.
   Access to the data
  Each DVD contains a list in PDF format of all the Parts and Special Sections with a link to the corresponding publication. 
  Searches of the data can be carried out using an interface similar to the one in the web page. Searching criteria include network name, dates of publication, dates of reception, orbital position, type of Special Section,...
The results are linked to the corresponding publications.
  The query is done on the whole publication data, from the year 1965 to the year 2004. But the publication documents are available only on the relevant DVD-ROM.
  The query system is installed locally on the user PC. After installation, it can be used, without access to the publication documents, without the BR WIC/IFIC Collection DVD-ROM. 
  It contains the WIC / IFIC database.
  It contains the BR Software.