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SNL Part-B Query System

SNL Part-B Query System is the software to query the database referencing the BR WIC/IFIC  Collection DVD-ROM publications of all the years. This program can be installed from any BR WIC/IFIC Collection DVD-ROM.

Update of the database

The database on which the program performs queries can be updated before the release of the next BR IFIC Collection DVD-ROM.

Installation procedure:
  • Step 1 Click on the link snl-fin.exe (This is a self-extracting file created with WinZip) 
  • Step 2 Select Run from the dialog box 
  • Step 3 Select Unzip from the WinZip Menu 
  • Step 4 The file has to be unzip in the folder : C:\Program Files\ITU SNL-B, selected by default


Title Type Name Date File Size
SNL Part-B Query System Database   01.11.2019   8072 KB