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ITU filing procedures for small satellites

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Small satellites generally follow the procedure for non-geostationary satellite networks not subject to coordination, which starts with the submission of the advance publication information (API). A chart showing the overall procedure for satellite networks not subject to coordination is shown here​.

Regulatory procedures for small satellites​ 

Guidance on Space Object Registration and Frequency Management for small satellites​ (UNOOSA/ITU​)

Guide to preparation of filings for small satellites

To help new users prepare an API, BR has prepared a sample API for download below, and the instructions on changing it to your specific needs, as well as for converting the final API to a notification for recording.​

To view the above mdb file as well as to make changes to it, you will require the BR software SpaceCap. To help to make sure that all mandatory information have been captured, you will need SpaceVal. Both of these software are available at the following page:

​​BR software required for capture and validation of filings 


Filings with complete information should be submitted to the ITU via the national administration, using the online submission system: E-Submissions for satellite network filings ​

For information about antenna patterns, please see BR web page on ​​Antenna Pattern Library 


Amateur-satellite service

In the same way as for other space services, an API must be prepared and submitted to the ITU for satellite networks operating in the amateur-satellite service . Please note that the API must be submitted to the ITU before requesting for frequency coordination with IARU.

Administrations authorizing space stations in the amateur-satellite service shall ensure that sufficient earth command stations are established before launch to ensure that any harmful interference caused by emissions from a station in the amateur-satellite service can be terminated immediately (see No. 25.11).

Amateur-satellite service is exempted from cost recovery fee. Note that, for a filing to benefit from this, there should be only one main service (EA) in the filing, and no other services (e.g. EW, EH, ET) should be present.​​​​

BR would like to remind Administrations preparing an API for the amateur satellite service that, to take into account possible change in frequency bands following the frequency coordination/consultation process with IARU, avoid submitting a very narrow frequency band at the API. If the frequency finally selected is outside of the band filed in the API, a new API will have to be submitted.

Modifications required for API

Amendments to the information for NGSO filing that requires a new API are:

    • Additional frequency band
    • ​Modification of the direction of transmission
    • ​​Modification of reference body​

However, it is a good practice to submit a modification to the API any change in characteristics including orbital characteristics, service area (adding earth stations) etc. This will allow other administrations/operators the chance to submit comments before the modifications are notified for recording in the Master Register.​