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Space Services - Seminar and workshop documents

The Radiocommunication Bureau regularly organizes bi-annual worldwide seminars/workshops on frequency management and radiocommunication systems and provides also regional seminars, workshops or information meetings, as required, in developing regions in cooperation with the Telecommunication Development Bureau. The events cover a wide array of topics in the field of radiocommunications and frequency management related to space and/or terrestrial services and attract attendees from engineers to high-level management from administrations, operators and industry sectors. For the latest information on the events organized by ITU-R, see list of the ITU-R Seminars and workshops.

General presentations

Type Title Date
Orbit/Spectrum International Regulatory Framework Challenges in the 21st century   07.01.2017  
BR IFIC (Space services)   07.01.2017  
Preface to the BR IFIC (Space Services)   07.01.2017  
Non-Planned Satellite Services (Coordination and Notification procedures)   07.01.2017  
Space Plans and Lists   07.01.2017  
Harmful Interference to Space Services   07.01.2017  
Space Services Website   07.01.2017  
Introduction to the BR Space Databases   07.01.2017  
Introduction to BR Space Software   07.01.2017