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ITU-R Event Registration and Practical Information

​​Important changes for​ registration to all ITU-R events scheduled as from 1 September 2019 (including RA-19/WRC-19CPM23-1ITU-R SG 5 Meeting3rd ITU Inter-regional Workshop on WRC-19 Preparation​).

As from 22 May 2019, the Radiocommunication Bureau will ​​deploy a ​new event registration platform for the above-mentio​ned events. In the new registration platform​, participants are required to:
1. complete an online registration form,
2. obtain approval of their​ designated focal point. 
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On-line Registration to ITU-R Events

Registration for ITU-R activities will be carried out exclusively on-line by Designated Focal points (DFPs).

Visa Support

For most ITU-R events, visa support should be requested by DFPs during the on-line registration process.

ITU Geneva Premises

General information for delegates attending events held​ at the ITU Geneva premises. 


Delegates attending ITU conferences and meetings may benefit from special terms.

ITU-R Activities and Upcoming Events

Further information on ITU activities, meeting invitations, chairmen/vice-chairmen contact details and upcoming events.


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