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  • Geneva, Switzerland  03 April 2019
    TDAG: innovating ways to engage with ITU-D Members

    The Telecommunication Development Group (TDAG) held its annual meeting from 3-5 April in Geneva.

    It was an amazing and inspiring three days. We all actively engaged through dialogue and discussion. As BDT Director, I appreciate TDAG's role as my advisory board, and the good guidance provided to me and my hard-working team. This edition of TDAG featured some innovative activities. 

    A series of informal sessions on the ITU Regional Initiatives provided an opportunity to introduce the Regional Initiatives and explore ways to strengthen partnerships and explore new funding opportunities.  Regional Initiatives help us implement projects that make a difference on the ground by improving the lives of people all over the world.  Partnerships are a key instrument for implementation. In addition, we also organized a series of breakout sessions. During the first round, we tackled partnership and resource mobilization, regional presence, and Study Groups.  In the second round, we looked at programmatic topics, ICT data, statistics and information building.

    At TDAG, I also presented the 100-day kick-off plan. This plan has helped us to unlock BDT's strengths and needs. I am very excited to move this forward and work together to implement the Buenos Aires Action Plan.

    Before TDAG, we had a management retreat with Geneva and field colleagues. We focused on our unique value proposition and ways we can better deliver and serve our Members.

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