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  • Geneva, Switzerland  11 April 2018
    Telecommunication Development Advisory Group (TDAG) meeting

    The 23rd meeting of the Telecommunication Development Advisory Group (TDAG) was held at ITU headquarters in Geneva, from 9 to 11 April.

    This was the first TDAG meeting following the convening of the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-17) in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

    The meeting reviewed the outcomes of WTDC-17 and their implications on the work of the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D). It will also addressed, among other things, the implementation of the ITU-D Strategic Plan and Operational Plan 2017, ITU-D four-year rolling Operational Plan 2019-2022, Regional Development Forums (RDFs) and collaboration with the other Sectors

    "We continue to adapt to the changing environment brought about by the ongoing technological revolution," said Brahima Sanou, Director ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau. "We have embarked on a wonderful adventure that will bring us to 2030. The Buenos Aires Plan of Action is our short-term vision and builds on the long-term vision of achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda."

    He said that in the coming years the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) will continue to intensify collaboration with the United Nations system and other partners in the implementation of key SDGs for which ICTs can play a key role, including health, gender equality, agriculture, e-waste and emergency telecommunications.

    He added, "we will continue to provide a neutral platform for discussing policy and regulatory issues and their impact of emerging technologies on development. The implementation of regional initiatives will continue to be a top priority, as it is through their implementation that we will see our impact in countries and regions."

    The meeting was attended by 124 delegates representing 68 administrations, 19 Sector Members, and 2 from academia.

    TDAG is chaired by Ms Roxanne McElvane Webber from the United States of America. 

    Final report of the 23rd TDAG meeting

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