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db-img.jpgTransition from analogue to digital broadcasting already begun in many developing countries is expected to reach peak level in the next cycle in Regions 2 and 3 and finalized in Region 1. It is expected that requests for assistance from BDT will increase accordingly.

The objective of BDT work in this area is to enable developing countries to achieve smooth migration from analogue to digital broadcasting including terrestrial TV, mobile TV and sound broadcasting, and follow with the countries the post-transition activities like e.g. introducing new broadcasting services, allocation of the digital dividend. In particular BDT is providing assistance on policy and regulatory frameworks for digital broadcasting and organising regional meetings for ITU members on the use of spectrum for broadcasting or other services.




  • Within the framework of cooperation with EBU and WBU, ITU-BDT representation at theEBU Technical Committee/Assembly meeting in Mainz
  • Concerning the Asia Media Summit, a cooperation agreement has been signed with AIBD (Agenda)
  • Cooperation Agreement has been signed with ABU on UHF-VHF Band Planning for Digital TV Broadcasting Services
  • Lectures have been delivered by BDT representatives
  • Participation and presentation at the ASBU workshop
  • Collaboration for the CoE workshops on digital broadcasting (e.g. Bucharest, Kiev)
  • Seminar in Kyrgyzstan: presentation delivered by the head of the Moscow area office
  • Project document for Kyrgyzstan on the Interactive Multimedia Digital Broadcasting Networks in countries with mountainous terrain