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Project on the digital broadcasting transition roadmap in Africa

The objective of the project is to assist the African countries in making their own roadmap to shift smoothly from analogue to digital terrestrial TV (DTTB) and on the use of mobile TV (MTV) as a apart of ITU/BDT activities on the implementation of regional initiatives projects approved by WTDC-06.
The expected outputs of this project are: Guidelines on transition from analogue to digital broadcasting and mobile TV; roadmaps customized for selected countries based on guidelines; pilot DTTB and MTV broadcasting systems established in selected countries; impact assessment report to submit to African broadcasters to promote investment in digital and mobile TV broadcasting to narrow the digital divide in the region.
In the framework of the regional initiatives for Africa as defined in Resolution 17 (Rev. Doha, 2006), ITU/BDT has been implementing “Digital Broadcasting Roadmap in Africa project” that consists of two phases. The first phase was devoted for carrying out feasibility study within African countries aiming to collect relevant information on current status of Television broadcasting as well as African Broadcasters programs in shifting from Analogue to DTTB and MTV.  The second phase of the project has been devoted for the development of guidelines for transition to digital broadcasting, customization of these guidelines for the selected countries and deployment of the pilot systems.

More on the project

This project is a part of ITU/BDT activities on the implementation of regional Initiatives projects approved by WTDC-06 with the contribution of ITU and Korean Government. The results, knowledge and experience of the roadmap project will be used in other regions widely as well as in African region. Especially the guidelines will be a good reference for all developing countries which will develop their own roadmap. ITU will also make its best efforts to develop the roadmap projects in other regions with close cooperation with contributors and beneficiary countries.