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EUR3 Ensuring access to telecommunications/ICTs, in particular for persons with disabilities

Objectives adopted by the WTDC - 14:
​To further promote e-accessibility in the ICT ecosystem, and provide administrations with the most suitable solutions available. Both objectives may comprise assistance to national regulatory authorities and sharing of best practices in cooperation with relevant institutions.



Achieved Results

  •  Capacity of more than 150 professionals from more than 20 countries built in the field of accessibility through participation in the events organized in March, June and October 2015, resulting with a set of non-binding recommendations and creation of an extended network of accessibility experts;
  • Capacity of more than 30 professionals from 10 countries built in relation to international policy, law and practice for public procurement of accessible ICT products and services;
  • Strengthened collaboration between ITU and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU);
  • Enhanced digital inclusion in Zlotograd city, Bulgaria, covering up to 7000 inhabitants



Expected results adopted by WTDC-14

Assistance to countries in the following:

  1. Formulation of strategic plans and regulatory frameworks promoting e-accessibility and building confidence in ICT use at the national level
  2. Creating the environment for the deployment of solutions for e-accessibility, including television/ICT applications for people with disabilities
  3. Capacity building and promoting e‑education solutions







Training activities:


Twinning programs and direct assistance to Member States:

  • In the context of technical assistance to countries in creating an accessible environment for people with disabilities, ITU provided direct support for setting up internet access points and provision of ICT equipment/software to be used by people with visual/hearing impairments (age related visual/hearing problems) in Bulgaria, September 2015.

Implementation plan agreed by 2015 Regional Development Forum


 Planned set of actions for 2015-2017












Implementation partners

  • ​​​Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • European Commission
  • European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
  • Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia
  • Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
  • ProForma Media works
  • Mercato Internazionale Audiovisio
  • SUB-TI Access
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
  • Roma Tre University