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ITU Regional Workshop for CIS on ITU Virtual Laboratory for Remote Tests of Equipment, New Technologies, and Services, Moscow, Russian Federation, 10-12 November 2014


This Workshop is aimed at presentation of the ITU Virtual Laboratory for Remote Tests of Equipment, New Technologies and Services, created on the basis of the ZNIIS within the framework of the implementation of the CIS Regional Initiative approved by WTDC-10, and sharing practical skills in the remote testing. In particular, the Workshop will cover the following issues:

  • Infrastructure of the virtual laboratory for remote tests of the possibility to provide Triple Play and other services;
  • Infrastructure of the real network equipment of the leading world manufacturers training on working with it;
  • Infrastructure of Virtual laboratory for research of the issues of information security and obtaining relevant working skills;
  • Use of Spirent TestCenter SPT-N4U-220;  IXIA 400T;  AMULET IP connection former, PRIZMA telephone connection former, STT-7000 universal module analyzer; analyzer of protocols of all-channel signaling system # 7 and EDSS A8619;
  • Hardware and software solution for measurement of the Internet access speed;
  • Web portal of the Virtual Laboratory;
  • Knowledge date base of the Virtual Laboratory.


Mr. Andrei Untila, Programme Officer, ITU Area Office for the CIS

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Fax: +7(495)926-60-73


Mr. Igor Bukharev, Director, Operation and Maintenance Centre of Portable Number Database, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Science Research Telecommunication Institute (ZNIIS)

Tel. : +7 (495)368-91-11

Fax: +7(495)674-00-67,