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Regional Initiative 5: Innovation and entrepreneurship


To build capacities and raise awareness concerning the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, in particular for youth and women's empowerment, with the aim of harnessing telecommunication/information and communication technology (ICT} tools to launch projects and undertake economic activities that focus on job creation.

Expected results:
Assisting countries to:

  • Formulate national and regional mechanisms and strategies to stimulate and enrich the culture of innovation in telecommunications/ICT in the region, including relevant best practice;
  • while creating centers of creativity and new institutions, encourage and develop the role of existing institutions and incubator programmes that support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the telecommunication/ICT field to enable young people to set up their own enterprises, and take advantage of best practice in this area;
  • Train young people of both genders to take advantage of ICTs to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Stimulate young people and students to be creative and innovative in developing Arabic-language applications;
  • Develop innovative ways of holding regional meetings, workshops and conferences electronically;
  • Strengthen and build the capacity of human resources and help to coordinate among training centers, research centers, incubators, institutions and institutes, while encouraging the exchange of expertise at regional and international levels.