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Arab Experts Meeting for the Development of National Implementation Strategy (NIS) on Using Cloud Computing in Education in Arab Countries, Manama-Bahrain, 21-22 November 2017

ITU and ALECSO have recently proposed detailed guidelines to improve the use of cloud computing technology in Education in Arab countries.

Based on this valuable study, both partners agreed to launch in 2017 a specific program with the aim to offer their assistance to interested Arab countries in order to develop their National Implementation Strategies on using Cloud Computing in Education.

Experts and decision makers from interested Arab countries willing to follow this program are invited to join and participate in an Inception Meeting  for the development of an Arab Implementation Strategy on Using Cloud Computing in Education.

The development of the Arab Implementation Strategy will be followed by dedicated assistance to interested Arab countries aiming to contextualize the developed Arab Implementation Strategy towards proposing rather a National Implementation Strategy taking into accounts the context of the country, existing initiatives and infrastructure, objectives and aspirations, and several other parameters inherent to each Arab country.