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CIRT Assessment Workshop for Palestine and Jordan, Amman 24- 28 August 2014

The primary objective of this Workshop is to assist the identified countries (Jordan & Palestine) in the assessment of its readiness to implement a national CIRT (Computer Incident Response Team). The national CIRT will provide a capability to identify, respond and manage cyber threats and at the same time will enhance the cybersecurity posture of the sovereign country.

Collectively, with the integration of best practices and processes, experienced people and robust technology, it is believed that the national CIRTs can play the role of maintaining round-the-clock vigilance to defend critical national infrastructure/assets against cyber-attacks, and also serve as a critical cyber-nerve center in analyzing threat information; which can extend towards alerting public and private sector agencies pre-emptively in enhancing their security awareness, assist in remediation of identified vulnerabilities, and improving overall security posture.

The outcome and deliverable of this mission will be a report which will contain key issues, key findings and analyses, recommendations and a phased implementation plan for setting up the national CIRTs. The report will be prepared and submitted to ITU within 4 weeks after the experts have completed the on-site assessment.