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ICT Innovation Week

Smart Rural Communities
Innovation in ICT and responsible and sustainable agricultural production
Montevideo - Uruguay ​5 to 8 de August 2019​



​Considering the growing tendency to adopt new technologies for a sound, sustainable, and efficient agricultural production, as well as, considering the need to be prepared for its deployment; the International Telecommunications Union, the FAO and Antel are co-organizing the “ICT Innovation Week” in Montevideo - Uruguay counting with the kind invitation of Antel.


  • Public and private institutions of the America Region related to ICTs and the agriculture production;
  • Representatives from the administrations, from Sub Secretaries of telecommunications, directors from regulators, etc.;
  • Technician representatives from the Administrations;
  • Representatives from the academia;
  • Private sector working on innovation of ICTs;
  • Young entrepreneurs from technical careers of universities of the region.


The objective of the event is to provide a room to discuss and to analyze the adoption of new technologies applied to a sound and responsible agriculture production towards the evolution to smart rural communities and to identify actions that will help to facilitate its implementation, identify needs, incentive ICT's innovation, and learn from existing experiences.