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3rd module of the Capacity building Programme in benefit of Indigenous Peoples

Module 3 to start on  August 25


The training will be delivered in three Modules, through the use of Internet and the ITU e-learning platform. Participants will receive the didactic Manual for Planning, Implementation, Evaluation and Monitoring of Development Projects.
Module 1: Develop the necessary skills and knowledge for the planning of development projects, with specific methodologies and use of planning and determination of budget tools;
Module 2: To analyze models and tools to promote proper management and implementation of development projects, as models for the determination of indicators and proposed means of verification by a logical framework methodology;
Module 3: Based on key concepts, evaluate and analyze if the execution and implementation of projects planned and formulated are in compliance with the objectives and responds appropriately to determined timelines, operational plans and budgets. Identify the follow-up actions to ensure the self-sustainability and viability of the project.


This programme aims to contribute to the digital inclusion of indigenous peoples and assist Member States in addressing the special needs of indigenous peoples with respect to equitable access, use and knowledge of the information and communication technologies (ICTs), based on the preservation of their heritage and cultural legacy. The training programme is focused on the use of ICTs as a tool to improve economic and social development of the communities and promote, preserve and protect the development of the indigenous culture.


The program targets indigenous leaders who are linked to indigenous organizations and their development and must have access to the Internet, as the course will be held in virtual form through the use of information and communication technologies.

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