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Partnership Opportunities

The ITU-D, the Development Sector of the ITU, assists Member States in reaching their development objectives. ICTs represent an extraordinary opportunity to really change the world, e.g. to change the way we live, learn, work, and entertain ourselves. ICTs are the building blocks supporting socio-economic development.
However, this potential can only be fully exploited through partnerships and cooperation. Public-private partnerships are at the centre of our efforts to foster development.
Don't miss this opportunity to help the world do better. By joining the ITU-D partnerships and initiatives, you can do well while doing good.
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Regional Initiatives (2018-2021)
The regions articulated their specific priorities in 30 regional initiatives — five per region for each of the six regions (Africa, Americas, Arab States, Asia-Pacific, CIS and Europe). These regional initiatives were endorsed by WTDC-17 and are featured in the Buenos Aires Action Plan.

Regional initiatives are intended to address specific telecommunication/ ICT priority areas, through partnerships and resource mobilization to implement projects. Under each regional initiative, projects are developed and implemented to meet the region's needs.
They will contribute to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).