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​​​​​​​​In a rapidly changing global economy and technology landscape, achieving inclusive digital transformation of society presents a paradigm shift. In this new paradigm, technology is changing faster than policy can adapt. As a result, there is a growing digital innovation divide among countries. This innovation gap is at the heart of the digital divide, and many national policies and strategies — even in developed countries — often fail to close it. 

Despite massive investment in ICTs, entrepreneurship and innovation, many countries are unable to adapt to the fast-changing digital environment and technological revolutions. As a result, talent is unfulfilled, SMEs are struggling, and slow digital transformation of communities is affecting social conditions and achievement of national ambitions.
There are three main challenges facing countries and key ecosystem stakeholders (entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial support networks, the private sector, the public sector, financiers and academia) in integrating ICT/telecommunication innovations into their national development agendas:

  1. ​Insufficiency of appropriate policies, programmes, resources and knowhow for innovators and digital change-makers to accelerate digital development in their communities;​​
  2. ​ Lack of understanding of the systemic issues in the environment hindering digital transformation; and
  3. Lack of collaboration between stakeholders to deliver impact-driven initiatives for national development priorities. 
New approaches to developing an enabling environment conducive to digital innovation and entrepreneurship are needed across sectors. This Thematic Priority, through its interventions, contributes to the implementation of the WSIS Action Lines and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and achieving Goal 4 of the Connect 2030 Agenda and Objective 3.4 of the WTDC-17 Final Report. ​

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