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Ecosystem Development Strategies and Roadmaps

​​​​​​​​​Get an accurate diagnosis of digital innovation ecosystems' health and develop strategies to inform national policies.

A group of African stakeholders in strategies and roadmap development session ​ ITU research shows that as of 2021, only 44 countries had start-up acts, policies or programmes supporting digital innovation and entrepreneurship. 

These numbers highlight the need to urgently update countries' ICT polices to incorporate enablers of innovation and entrepreneurship in order to reach ITU membership's Connect 2030 goal of all countries having policies/strategies fostering telecommunication/ICT-centric innovation.   
ITU innovation reviews give an accurate diagnosis of ecosystems' health and develop strategies to inform national policies. The key recommendations from the reviews are used to shape a vibrant ICT-centric innovation environment. 
Through a comparable analysis framework and a whole-ecosystem approach, countries working with ITU will develop a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities in their ecosystems; as well formulate suitable development strategies and roadmaps to:
Through technical assistance for country reviews, there are three expected results:
These reviews are produced using a multistakeholder and cross-sectoral approach. Depending on the Member State's expectations, the output may offer comprehensive recommendations, programmes and/or projects that engage all stakeholders. This enables countries to further strengthen their capability to integrate digital innovation into their national development agendas.​​​

Country Profiles

Serbia, Digital Innovation Profile, 2023​

Georgia Digital Innovation Profile, 2023​

Oman, Digital Innovation Profile, 2023​

Mali: ​Profil d'innovation numérique au Mali, 2021

North Macedonia, Digital Innovation Profile, 2023​

Montenegro: ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem Snapshot, September 2020
Visual of Montenegro Digital Innovation Profile

Kenya: ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem,
June 2019
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erbia: ICT centric innovation ecosystem snapshot, March 2018
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South Africa: ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem Snapshot, September 2018Visual of South Africa Digital Innovation Profile

Moldova: ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem, March 2018​

Visual of Moldova Country Review

Bosnia And Herzegovina: ICT centric innovation ecosystem Snapshot, March 2018 (unpublished)
Visual of Bosnia and Herzegovina Digital Innovation Profile

Rwanda: ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem (executive summary), June 2017
Visual of Rwanda Country Review

lbania: ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem, June 2016
Visual of Albania Country Review