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With more than 50 million tonnes of e-waste generated per year, the lack of effective e-waste management systems around the world has led to less than 20% of e-waste being officially documented as collected and recycled. E-waste is a global challenge that requires a concerted stakeholder understanding, collaboration and effort.

While policy and regulation is vital for an effective e-waste management system to foster, it is crucial that stakeholders are trained and understand the key components of, and their potential roles and responsibilities, in an effective framework. ITU provides various capacity building opportunities for policy makers and other stakeholders. Through onsite training in workshop, e-learning courses and story maps, ITU seeks to make knowledge about policy and regulatory development and e-waste management widely available. In its project activities covering both the data and policy workstreams, ITU offers capacity building as a core component, providing tailored training in workshops to key e-waste management stakeholders. 

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