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Connect Asia Pacific 2013

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Message from Dr Javad Mottaghi, Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union

The main role of the Connect Asia-Pacific Summit is to enable all stakeholders from across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond to work collaboratively to strengthen cooperation and coordination. Summit aims to formulate joint projects and Asia-Pacific initiatives designed to employ the information and communications technology (ICT) sector to help build truly inclusive and sustainable information and digital society, with special focus on those who are disadvantaged, underprivileged or marginalised. There are ICT infrastructure development projects which will make global access a reality and improve the quality of experience and life of Asia-Pacific citizens. There are projects to build partnership within Asia-Pacific nations and increase levels of awareness and use of ICT confidently. Other projects are concerned with the enrichment of Asia-Pacific digital content, while others seek to create an appropriate climate to release the creative and innovative potential of Asia-Pacific workforce, enabling Asia-Pacific products and services to compete in world markets. Deliberations on the challenges faced by the Asia-Pacific region with special emphasis for developing countries in the region will help to focus on actions required to harness the full potential of ICT. Such efforts of harnessing ICT will extend benefits of ICT to the society and economies of countries including small and medium enterprises also micro-businesses.
I certainly believe that we will be able to focus our activities and bring all our technical and information technology resources to better use achieving economic, social and cultural cooperation in the region and create a competitive market for the Asia-Pacific community as part of the global information society.


The Connect Asia-Pacific Summit provides an opportunity for regional cooperation, the creation and strengthening of partnerships and the exchange of long-term commitments among all stakeholders in order to maximize the benefits of ICT in building an inclusive and sustainable information and digital society. I commend the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for such meaningful initiative.

Dr. Javad Mottaghi
Secretary - General