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TDAG Correspondence Group on Strategic Plan, Operational Plan and Declaration

Terms of reference:

  • To review the Strategic Plan approved by the 2014 Plenipotentiary Conference and to prepare proposals for the draft new ITU-D contribution to the  ITU Strategic Plan for the next period (2020-2023).
  • To review the Dubai Action Plan and its links with the Operational Plan.
  • To review the four-year rolling Operational Plan, identify areas of improvement, and develop recommendations for the draft Operational Plan beforeit is considered by Council.
  • To propose elements for the future draft Declaration. 

Composition of the correspondence group on Strategic Plan, Declaration and Operational Plan:

  • The correspondence group is open to all ITU Member States and Sector Members.
  • The correspondence group will be convened by Mr Fabio Bigi (Vice-Chairman of TDAG) and assisted by Mr Kishore Babu (Vice-Chairman of TDAG)
  • The correspondence group will use an e-mail mailing list.
  • The correspondence group may include e-mail exchange via the e-mail list or through electronic meetings.


  • The terms of reference of the group was approved by TDAG 2014, and the group started its work shortly afterwards.
  • The group will conclude its work so as to finalize and submit its report to TDAG 2017.
  • Periodic progress reports will be submitted to TDAG by its chairman as deemed appropriate.

Meetings and documents

- Third meeting: 9 May 2017

- Workflow in relation to RPMs for WTDC-17

As decided by TDAG-16 (see item 11 of the TDAG report), the documents below were submitted to Correspondence Group on Strategic Plan, Operational Plan and Declaration (CG-SPOPD) for further review. Members were invited to submit contributions by 30 June 2016 with modifications to any of the three texts, building on the discussions that took place during TDAG and its CG meetings.

On the basis of the received contributions, the Chairman of the CG-SPOPD revised the preliminary drafts and posted the resulting documents below.


The revised preliminary drafts will be provided to all six Regional Preparatory Meetings (RPMs) for any further input. After the reviews and discussion at each RPM, subsequent RPMs will receive the revised version as an information document including specific changes or additions proposed by the region. Therefore each RPM will receive the original document for consideration and the revised documents by previous RPMs as information document. In order to avoid two parallel process, the above deadline was set for sending contributions to the TDAG correspondence group. From the start of RPMs, all contributions should be sent to the RPMs.

Outcomes of RPMs will be consolidated at the inter-regional coordination meeting, TDAG CG-SPOPD meeting and TDAG 2017 meeting in May 2017, and submitted to WTDC-17 as draft documents for consideration. Member States can also send contributions to WTDC-17 on these draft documents.

- Second meeting: 15 March 2016

- First meeting: 27 April 2015

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