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Private Sector Roundtable: Partnering for SGDs

The Private Sector Roundtable (PSR) with the theme "Partnering for SGDs" took place on 8 October 2017 as a pre-event to WTDC-17 (Buenos Aires, Argentina). The private sector has a fundamental role in advancing the newly-adopted sustainable development agenda. It is a driver of innovation, productivity and technological efficiencies and will remain an important player in terms of investment for sustainable economic growth, job creation, and transformation towards an inclusive society and digital economy.  

With the SDGs, the world leaders are calling for creative and innovative solutions by the private sector to scale-up investments in activities that contribute to the goals though public-private partnerships.

The BDT/ITU, therefore, continues to enhance collaboration and synergies with its private sector members in the converged ICT ecosystem through enhanced partnership with industry associations, regional and international organizations and their existing networks and affiliated members. One example is the Private Sector Chief Regulatory Officers (CRO) platform where private sector has been engaging through proposals and initiatives that can engage regulatory bodies and can also help fulfill Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Goal 17 in particular.

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8th Private Sector Chief Regulatory Officers' (CRO8) Meeting

The 8th Private Sector Chief Regulatory Officers' (CRO8) Meeting was held in Nassau, Bahamas on 12 July 2017 as part of the pre-conferences of the 17th Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR)

Objective: The CRO meeting brings together senior industry executives to share experiences and exchange ideas on how to strengthen the private sector's involvement and engagement in global, regional and national initiatives and to identify mechanisms to better foster an enabling environment for future development of the sector. This year's meeting followed-up on the outcomes of the 7th CRO meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand, in November 2016. 

CRO Working Group on Digital Financial Inclusion (CRO WG-DFI)

CRO Working Group on Digital Financial Inclusion  (CRO WG-DFI) met first in the morning of 12 July 2017 followed by 8th CRO meeting.

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