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The telecommunication environment and its implications for the Union

In recent years, a number of developments have occurred in the broader information and communication technologies (ICT) environment that have significant implications for ITU as a whole. The environment includes (not listed in any special order):

  • significant shortages, both in telecommunication infrastructures and in capability to access information, resulting from several factors, including the associated costs;

  • the expansion and diversification of telecommunication and radiocommunication networks and the challenge of securing and maintaining interoperability among telecommunication services, and between radio-based and fixed-line services;

  • the convergence of technological platforms for telecommunication, information and computing;

  • digitization of broadcasting and increasing interactivity, new technologies, broadband applications, and new uses for existing technologies;

  • further moves towards market liberalization, including the opening of markets to competition, greater private sector participation, and the growing role of regional organizations;

  • a market need for appropriate, high-quality, global standards which are developed rapidly, including those which ensure global connectivity and reliability of telecommunication networks;

  • increased awareness of the role of telecommunications as a tool for the overall development of society;

  • a need for increased use of the six working languages of the Union to facilitate effective participation in its work by all countries;

  • continued development of mobile communications, which is one of the fastest-growing segments in the history of telecommunications;

  • continued growth of the Internet, and the creation and development of applications attached to its use, with a corresponding increase in IP access and in IP backbone networks;

  • continued separation of operational and regulatory functions, and the creation of many new independent telecommunication regulatory bodies;

  • limitations on the financial and human resources available to support the Union's activities.



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