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Quality of service

Quality of service is now a definable part of the communication service provider’s portfolio. Often in the circuit-switched world it was difficult to offer QoS guarantees where the mechanisms were not in place to measure the ups and downs of service provision.

IP or packet-based networks have inherent QoS measuring tools and this capability is often trumpeted as a must for next-generation networks. With the ability to measure QoS, operators will be able to guarantee quality service levels — as well as different classes of service — and this could yield a wealth of multimedia services at attractive price points for wholesalers and end users. IP QoS will allow operators to offer tiered levels of service at tiered prices with, for example, the option of charging more for a particular guaranteed level of service.

ITU-T has initiated a special project to establish how multimedia systems interact with and request QoS statistics from the network and how this relates to end-to-end performance. The QoS special project also aims to establish best practice for service providers, in terms of the definitions of QoS targets. In past work, either QoS was assumed to be provided by the network (ITU-T H.320/ISDN), or the network was assumed to have no ability to provide QoS (ITU-T H.323 V1/LANs).



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