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Implementation of International Mobile

Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) 1

The World Radiocommunication Conference (Geneva, 1997),


a) that ITU-R has recommended the 1-3 GHz band as the most suitable for IMT-2000;

b) that ITU-R has recommended approximately 60 MHz for use by personal stations and approximately 170 MHz for use by mobile stations;

c) that ITU-R has recognized that space techniques are an integral part of IMT-2000;

d) that, in No. S5.388 of the Radio Regulations, this Conference has identified bands to accommodate this future service,

considering further

a) that ITU-R has not completed its studies regarding duplexing methods, modulation techniques, channelling arrangements, signalling or communication protocols;

b) that no worldwide intersystem numbering plan currently exists that would facilitate worldwide roaming,


a) that the implementation of the terrestrial component of IMT-2000 in the bands 1 885-2 025 MHz and 2 110-2 200 MHz is expected to commence around the year 2000, subject to market and technical considerations;

b) that the availability of the satellite component of IMT-2000 in the bands 1 980-2 010 MHz and 2 170-2 200 MHz simultaneously with the terrestrial component of IMT-2000 in the bands identified in No. S5.388 would improve the overall implementation and the attractiveness of IMT-2000 to both developed and developing countries,

invites administrations

to give due consideration to the accommodation of other services currently operating in these bands when implementing IMT-2000,

invites ITU-R

to continue its studies with a view to developing suitable and acceptable technical characteristics for IMT-2000 that will facilitate worldwide use and roaming, and ensure that IMT-2000 can also meet the telecommunication needs of the developing countries and rural areas,

invites ITU-T

a) to complete its studies of signalling and communication protocols;

b) to develop a common worldwide intersystem numbering plan and associated network capabilities that will facilitate worldwide roaming,


that administrations which implement IMT-2000:

a) should make the necessary frequencies available for system development;

b) should use those frequencies when IMT-2000 is implemented;

c) should use the relevant international technical characteristics, as identified by ITU-R and ITU-T Recommendations.

1 IMT-2000 was previously known as Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication Systems (FPLMTS).


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