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Media Registration

Journalists wishing to attend the conference or receive regular reports must submit a request for accreditation

Identification badges

At the time of registration, journalists will receive an identification badge which must be worn at all times when entering the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Passport and visa requirements

Every foreign national coming to the United States must be in possession of a passport valid for travel to the United States and with a validity date at least six months beyond the applicant's intended period of stay in the United States.

Journalists should obtain a United States visa at the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

Visa application

When applying for a visa, the following documentation should be submitted to the US Embassy or Consulate:

  • Passport

  • An application form OF-156, which should be completed and signed.
    These forms are available at all US consular offices.

  • Two photographs 1½ inch square (37x37 mm) for each applicant,
    showing full face, without head covering, against a light background.

Other documentation may be required by the US consular office.

Conference address

Place: Minneapolis Convention Center

Postal address :

Minneapolis Convention Center (PP-98)
1301 Second Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55403-2781

Press Room

Room 101A
+1 612 596 5820 / 596 5821
Fax: +1 612 596 5606


How to get to the Convention Center

The information below is based upon staying in one of the 10
official hotels for the conference. Costs for transportation to and
from the Convention Center will significantly increase if journalists stay
outside of the official hotels:

Walking: The Conference Center is within walking distance
from the ten official hotels for the conference. The farthest official
hotel is 9 blocks from the Convention Center (12 blocks = 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers).

Bus: The city bus runs throughout downtown Minneapolis.
You may take the bus for 0.25 US$ during non-rush hours and
0.50 US$ during rush hours (rush hours are Monday - Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
and 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.). Buses run about every 10 minutes in downtown Minneapolis.

Taxi: Taxi service within the city of Minneapolis is approximately 3.00 US$ one-way.

Hotel room bookings

Please see "Important Hotel Information".

Hotel rooms must be booked through the Housing Bureau, Minneapolis and not through the ITU General Secretariat

All hotel requests should be submitted on an official housing form which can be obtained from the Host Committee website at:


selecting "local hotels", and then choosing either "Request a hotel room" or "Request a block of rooms". To access the form, journalists will need to know the username (itu) and the password (plenipot). If journalists cannot reach the Host Committee via the Internet, they should call +1 612 661 47 00 and ask for the ITU Conference Housing Bureau.


The downtown parking system is made up of parking ramps, lots and meters. A parking ramp is connected to the Convention Center. In addition, parking meters are located throughout downtown. A quarter is the only currency that works in the downtown core parking meters. The meters are enforced Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; and closer to the Metrodome near Fifth Avenue South, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

 Banking and Currency:

The Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, as well as downtown Minneapolis Banks offer currency exchange.

The Host Committee has arranged for Norwest Bank Minnesota to provide the following financial services:

Full financial services at the Norwest branch located within walking distance of the Convention Center at 1221 Nicollet mall, one block North and two blocks West of the Convention Center. Bank hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

In addition, basic banking services, such as wire transfer, foreign exchange services, and credit card cash advances, will be available from noon to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11, October 1998.

A Norwest Instant Cash and Check automated cash machine (ATM) located on the lower level of the Mineapolis Convention Center will be available for cash withdrawals from 10 October to 8 November 1998. It is part of the CIRRUS International Network. In addition, a 24-hour automated cash machine is located at the main entrance to the Norwest store at 1221 Nicollet Mall.

Norwest will provide an information desk at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 October, to help journalists determine how best to have their financial service needs met.

The unit of US money is the dollar. Bank notes (bills) come in one, five, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred dollars. Coin denominations are the penny (100 = 1 dollar), the nickel (20 = 1 dollar), the dime (10 = 1 dollar) and the quarter (4 = 1 dollar).


The Minneapolis Convention Center bars and restaurants will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Travel agency

A travel agency is situated in the Entrance Hall of the Minneapolis Convention Center. Northwest/KLM will provide an airline reservation service only.


Average daily high temperature for Minneapolis:

October: 16º C,  60º F
November:  5º C, 40º F

Minneapolis enjoys four distinct seasons. In October, visitors should be prepared for the fact that the temperature can vary greatly during the month, and each day between daylight and evening hours. Minneapolis will be in the height of the fall season during your stay.

Wardrobe: Because of the unpredictable weather in October, it is best to dress in layers. It may be warm enough during the day for a light jacket, but it could be cold enough for gloves and a hat at times. Suggested items of clothing to bring include:

Long sleeve shirts and slacks
Overcoat or jacket
Gloves and hat
Comfortable shoes

Electric Current

The electric current in the United States of America is 120 Volts, 60 Hertz

GSM 900 mobile telephone service at PP-98

Bring your mobile phone to Minneapolis

A GSM 900 MHz cellular telephone network will be established through a partnership between Aerial Communications, Sonera Ltd. (formerly Telecom Finland) and Nokia for the duration of the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Minneapolis. Journalists with GSM 900 service from carriers having operational international roaming agreements with Sonera will be able to use their phones while in Minneapolis. The calls will be treated as if they originated from Finland.

The GSM 900 system will provide good coverage of the entire downtown Minneapolis area, including the Convention Center. The network will support around 100 simultaneous calls. Both voice and data services will be supported, with calls being billed direct to the subscriber's account.

900 MHz dialling conventions

Calls made on the Minneapolis GSM 900 MHz network will be handled as if they were made in Finland. Calls made to all destinations except Finland therefore require the international dialling code (+ or 990) and country code prior to the area code and subscriber number. For example, a call to a Minneapolis local number would be dialled as +1 612 335 6000. Emergency calls can be made by dialling 911 or 112.

Recharging your mobile phone

The line voltage in the United States is 120 V, so an adapter may be necessary for your battery charger.

Mobile service operators having roaming agreements with Sonera
(subscribers to these services will be able to use the

Minneapolis GSM 900 service





Andorra STA Andorra Indonesia Telkomsel
Australia Optus     Satelindo
   Telstra     Excelcom
   Vodafone Network Pty Ireland Eircell
Austria Mobilkom     Esat Digifone
   Max.mobil Isle of Man Manx Telecom
Azerbaijan Azercell Italy Telecom Italia Mobile
Bahrain Batelco     Omnitel Pronto Italia
Belgium Belgacom Mobile Jordan Fastlink
   Mobistar Jersey Jersey Telecoms
Bulgaria MobilTEL Kuwait MTC
China China Telecom Latvia LMT
Croatia HPT Lebanon LibanCell
Cyprus CYTA    FTLM
Czech Rep. EuroTel Praha Liechtenstein via Swisscom
   RadioMobil Lithuania Bité GSM
Denmark Sonofon    OMNITEL
   Tele Danmark Luxembourg P&T Luxembourg
Estonia EMT Macao CTM
   Ritabell Macedonia Macedonian Telecoms
France France Telecom Mobiles Malaysia Celcom
   SFR    Binariang (Maxis)
Georgia GEOCELL Malta Vodafone Malta
Germany DeTeMobil Mauritius Cellplus
   Mannesmann Monaco Via FT
Gibraltar Gibtel Morocco IAM
Greece Panafon Namibia MTC
   STET HELLAS The Netherlands KPN Telecom
Guernsey Guernsey Telecoms   LIBERTEL
Hong Kong, China HongKong Telecom CSL New Zealand BellSouth
   SmarTone Norway Telenor Mobil
    Hutchison     NetCom
Hungary Pannon GSM Philippines Globe Telecom
   Westel 900 Poland Polkomtel
Iceland Landssíminn    Era GSM
Portugal TELECEL Sri Lanka MTN Networks  
    TMN Sweden TELE2
Qatar Q-Tel    Europolitan
Romania MobilRom     Telia Mobile
   Mobifon Switzerland Swisscom
Russia Moscow Mobile TeleSystems Taiwan, China Chunghwa Telecom
St.Petersburg North-West GSM Tanzania TRITEL
Saudi Arabia Saudi Telecom Company Thailand AIS
Singapore SingTel Mobile Turkey TURKCELL
  Mobile One   Telsim
Slovakia EuroTel Bratislava Ukraine UMC
  Globtel GSM United Arab Emirates Etisalat
Slovenia Mobitel United Kingdom Cellnet
South Africa MTN   Vodafone
  Vodacom Yugoslavia Mobtel
Spain Telefónica Móviles    
  Airtel Móvil    

Mobile service operators having roaming agreements for
dualband handsets





Germany e-plus Taiwan, China PCC
Hong Kong, China P Plus Thailand TAC
Malaysia Mutiara United Kingdom Orange
Russia, Moscow KB Impuls    One 2 On

For further information on the GSM service in Minneapolis, please contact:

Aerial Communications Sonera


Mr. Roger Vigilance Ms Nina Siitari Mr. Juha Kiljala
+1 773 399 4290
+358 405 449565
+358 405 002371
Fax: +1 773 399 7505 Fax: +358 2040 5715 Fax: +358 2040 5715
E-mail: vigr1@aerial1.com E-mail: Nina.Siitari@sonera.fi E-mail:

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