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Roberto Blois of Brazil elected Deputy Secretary-General

Mr Roberto Blois of Brazil was elected Deputy Secretary-General at the second round with 96 votes on 21 October afternoon. In the first round held in the morning, he had obtained 72 votes while Michael Goddard of the UK had obtained 54, Domenico Staglianˇ (Italy), 17 and Walther Richter (Austria), 4.

With 150 ballots cast, the required majority was 76.

Taking the floor after the results, Mr Blois said that he was both encouraged and moved and looking forward to his work for the ITU. "I am very grateful for the confidence bestowed upon me and for the opportunity to help the membership of this important organization along with the recently elected Secretary-General, Mr Utsumi. Mr Blois pleaded for an open and well managed organization, responsive and attentive to the needs of its members. He also advocated better coordination of programmes with other international organizations and consensus-building among all Members to balance the demands and requirements of governments and private sector. He encapsulated his priorities in four words: communication, coordination, cooperation and consensus.

"It is my intention as Deputy Secretary-General to start immediately a review of the internal management of the ITU. It is also my objective to establish solid communication channels with what I consider the most precious asset of the ITU: its staff", he said.

Mr Michael Goddard paid tribute to all the candidates of this election and pledged his continued support to the ITU. "A feature of this election process", he said, has been the great dignity, respect and friendship shown by all the candidates". "The ITU is facing a major challenge. Although I will not be able to respond to that challenge from within the Secretariat, I promise that I personally, and my government, will do all we can to continue to support the Union in its increasingly important role", he added.

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