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The ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission’s flagship State of Broadband Report is a unique, global snapshot of broadband network access and affordability.

Written through a consensus-driven framework and drawing on the insights of the Commission’s high-level, multistakeholder membership, the 2022 edition provides an overview of the latest trends in digital connectivity, including access, adoption and use in the new post-pandemic world.

It further examines how the pandemic has accelerated the uptake of broadband and the adoption of digital services by individuals and businesses, the digitalization of governmental services , explores how much this will be sustained post-pandemic and what the consequences are for the design and quality of broadband networks, reviews progress made towards achieving the seven Broadband Advocacy Targets, examines approaches that can be taken to address the various digital gaps (demand and supply side) highlighted by the pandemic and considers steps to overcome challenges brought by the pandemic in terms of addressing the digital divide.

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