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WTPF 2013: Logo


WTPF 2013 Logo

  1. wtpf-2013-logo.pngUse of the logo created for the WTPF 2013 event is subject to prior written authorization from the Union's Secretary-General or his representative duly authorized to that effect. Any written request to use the WTPF 2013 logo must be duly substantiated (detailed information regarding the reasons for the request, manner in which it is intended to use the logo including details of the supports (electronic, paper, etc.) to be used, and possible use of other logos alongside that of ITU, as well as the precise contact details of the person making the request, etc.) and sent in a timely manner to the Legal Affairs Unit, ITU, Place des Nations, 1211 Geneva 20 (

  2. Subject to the foregoing, authorization will, in principle, be granted where the Secretary-General considers that the usage is conducive to achievement of the Event's mandate or seeks to promote its work.

  3. Where authorization is granted, the logo must be used in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down, and within the limits established, in the letter of authorization. Under no circumstances, however, may the logo or any of its constituent elements (such as format, proportions, graphic design, colours, etc.) be altered, adapted or modified.
Please address any requests for further information to: Legal Affairs Unit, ITU, Place des Nations, 1211 Geneva 20 (