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WTPF 2013: Informal Experts Group


Informal Experts Group

In accordance with the Council Decision 562, the Secretary-General convened a balanced, informal group of experts (IEG) - who were active in preparing for the Forum in their own country - to assist in the successive stages of the preparatory process.
At its session in 2012, the Council agreed that all relevant stakeholders should participate in the work of the IEG so as to contribute their unique perspective to the preparatory process, based on the roles and responsibilities that the stakeholders may have under Paragraph 35 of the Tunis Agenda (2005). Consequently, participation in the work of the IEG was open to stakeholders in accordance with Council decision, taking into account Decision 562 and the need to maintain a balanced group of experts, and also room and seating capacity for IEG meetings at ITU headquarters in Geneva. Relevant stakeholders were invited to express their interest in participating in the work of the IEG by completing a request form.
The revised schedule for publishing the Secretary-General’s report to WTPF 2013, approved by Council 2012, is included in Circular letter DM-12/1024.

Third Meeting: 6-8 February 2013

 Draft Opinions agreed at the 3rd IEG meeting

 ​Temporary Documents


 *NOTE: Please use the WTPF-IEG/3/* numbering for your reference, and not the automatically generated contribution number.

Second Meeting: 10-12 October 2012

First Meeting: 5 June 2012