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WSIS Forum 2022 Accreditation and registration procedures

​​​​​​​​​Kindly take a moment to read the procedures before registering. 


The WSIS Forum encourages the participation of all WSIS stakeholders to showcase innovative ICT technologies and policies that have brought about social change and more importantly economic empowerment. In order to participate in this event, as an individual or as an organization, a participant should be strongly involved in activities and projects related to the Information Society issues.​ Accreditation is mandatory for onsite participation to the event.

Participants from the entities below will normally receive accreditation after having duly completed the registration form, and under condition that the link between the participant and the entity is obvious:
      • a Member State of the United Nations or one of its Specialized Agenc​ies;
      • the European Union organization;
      • entities, intergovernmental organizations and other entities that have received a standing invitation from the UN General Assembly to participate in the capacity of observers in the sessions and work of all international conference​s convened under the UNGA auspices;
      • the UN Specialized Agencies, the IAEA, the WTO, the OPCW and the CTBTO;
      • other intergovernmental organizations invited by the ITU Secretary-General;
      • interested organs of the United Nations;
      • associate members of UN Regional Commissions;​
      • ITU Membership as listed in the ITU Global Directory.
Other entities (non-governmental organizations, civil society, business sector entities...​), and individuals, who did not participate to an ITU event taking place onsite in Geneva this year, willing to attend the WSIS Forum 2022 and/or contribute, must fill out the online e-questionnaire accessible after submitting the online registration form, and provide the necessary credentials to support their request for onsite participation.


After two years without physical meetings, the continuous accreditation process for onsite participation was interrupted, and each participant is therefore requested to submit new credentials to support his/her accreditation to the Forum. 

Registration is mandatory to each participant willing to access the event premises, including for ITU Membership, high-level delegations, Delegates from Permanent Missions, speakers, panelists, exhibitors, sponsors, etc.​​ Registration requests are no longer managed by Focal Points, exception made for official delegations from ITU Administration Member States who will continue to be approved by their focal point. The registration process is individual, and requests will be reviewed and validated, if applies, by the ITU credential service.​
Remote participation (only) will not require any specific accreditation process and access to virtual meetings will be processed directly by clicking on the sessions from the online agenda.
- Delegates from the ITU Membership in possession of their TIES access, normally only need to complete the registration form, accessible via their TIES access.

- ​Delegates from the ITU Membership, with no TIES access but already in possession of their Internet User Account (IUA) and having already attended other ITU events this year, normally only need to complete the registration form, accessible via their IUA.

- All other participants/WSIS stakeholders will be prompted to: 
a) create their ITU Internet User Account here (important: this is a different account as the one used for submission of contributions or for a speaking slot request to the Forum)
b) complete the registration form, and 
c) complete the online e-questionnaire

      • Onl​y applications of nationals of Mem​ber States recognized by the ITU or the United Nations, or under Resolution 99, may be accepted. 
      • Participants under the age of 16 are normally not allowed to attend a WSIS Forum, unless a specific session or journey is organized for them.
      • The link between the participant and the entity he/she​ represents should be obvious and actual.
      • New accreditation requests should be submitted as early as possible, so as to ensure timely administrative processing of the requests.
      • The ITU reserves the right to request further documents if it deems necessary; nevertheless, incomplete requests or not complying to the procedures may not be considered​​.
Upon validation of the request, a registration confirmation (e-confirmation) will be sent to the participant's mailbox. This e-confirmation will be the sole document provided for visa support. Participants in need of a visa are advised to follow and complete the registration process as early as possible (at least 20 days before the event) so to make sure they are confirmed before organizing their visa process.
Thank you for joining us at the 2022 WSIS Forum!
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