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Visa requirements must be met before arrival to Switzerland.
Participants attending the WSIS Forum 2019 in Switzerland may require visas to enter the Swiss territory.
The e-confirmation of registration to the event will be the sole document provided by the ITU as visa assistance support.

More general information about visas can be found by consulting the websites of the Federal Office of Migration:
and the Swiss Mission:

Visa - do you need one?
Please click on the following link to see if you need a visa to enter Switzerland: 

How can I obtain a Visa?
Entry visas for Switzerland are primarily issued by the Swiss Embassy/Consulate responsible for the applicants country of residence and in some cases are handled by an outsourcing center. Switzerland has agreements with certain Schengen states that allow them to issue visas on its behalf where Switzerland is not represented. We advise participants to check with the competent representation if such agreements apply to their case. You may find the nearest representation responsible for you place of residence by consulting the following link:

Switzerland applies the European Schengen regulation concerning the issuance of visas. Since October 2011, Schengen member states have introduced the Visa Information System (VIS) which is used to store biometric data (10 fingerprints and facial image) of Schengen visa applicants. All Swiss embassies and consulates are connected to the VIS system. It is therefore necessary for the visa applicant to present him/herself in person to submit and register his/her biometric data after having scheduled an appointment to the Embassy/Consulate or the outsourcing center. This data remains valid in the VIS system for a period of 5 years. However, some categories of applicants (such as heads of states, ministers in office and their delegations) are exempted from the biometric requirements. Applicants should check with the Swiss Embassy/Consulate responsible for processing their application if they qualify for this exemption.

Please note that depending on local circumstances it may take several weeks to obtain an interview appointment.
The application procedure can take several weeks reason for which it is essential you lodge your visa application as soon as possible (maximum 3 months prior to departure and at least 20 days before the intended visit).

- As Switzerland is now part of the Schengen area some persons can travel to other Schengen states but this depends on the type of visa issued.
We therefore strongly advise all travelers to check their type of visa before traveling to or transiting through other Schengen states.

Required documents:
The applicant should present the following documents when applying for a visa:

- Confirmation of registration to the event (please note that this will be the sole document provided by the ITU as visa assistance support)
- Verbal note and/or Mission order or a letter of appointment from his/her employer
- A proof of health insurance valid for the Schengen states and covering a minimum amount of 30000 euros (each applicant must check with the Consulate/Embassy if he/she is exempted or not. Specific criteria applies)
- Passport (must be valid at least 3 months after leaving Switzerland)
- 2 photos
- Application form for short stays duly filled out and signed by the applicant (can be downloaded from the following link of the Federal office of Migration:
- In certain case, additional documents such as flight and hotel reservations might be requested by the Swiss representation

The above-mentioned details are provided as a support. In order to obtain the latest updated information, we strongly encourage you to look at the Swiss Embassy or consulate website in your country. More general information about visas can be found by consulting the website of the Federal Office of Migration:


General information about Geneva can be found at:

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