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WCIT-12 Media Flash: Dubai, 28 November 2012

Media arrangements for the World Conference on International Telecommunication (WCIT-12)

Media Flash
Dubai, 28 November 2012

Dear colleagues,
As many of you know, the WCIT-12 conference opens soon in Dubai.
ITU will hold a pre-event briefing for media around the world via Adobe Connect remote participation – you can join easily via a computer or a phone.
Timing: Friday 30 November, 17:45-18:45 local time in Dubai
Enter as a Guest in the format First name + Last name + (country/organization) You will be able to listen to the Audio through your computer speakers and see the Video feed from the room.
You can put your questions/comments via the dedicated Chat pod and the moderator will read them loud on the floor

Media information during the event

During the event ITU at WCIT-12 will be communicating daily through:
The opening press conference will take place at the conference venue on Monday  December 3, 12:30 – 13:30 local time in Dubai. The press conference is open to officially accredited media only. Interpretation will be available in Arabic and English, and the press conference will be webcast live at​

Access to the conference sessions

Onsite media may attend all sessions of the Plenary and all full meetings of Committee 5. Meetings at Working Group, drafting group and ad-hoc group level are closed.
All sessions of the Plenary and full meetings of Committee 5 will also be available via live and archived webcast in all 6 UN languages:

Daily breakfast briefing onsite

In addition, media onsite are invited to join the ITU media team for breakfast each morning at 09:15 to discuss the current state of play over coffee, tea and pastries.

Daily global media briefing

The ITU media team will hold a daily media update at 12 noon local time in Dubai. Access is via the Adobe Connect interface:

WCIT-12 newsroom

There is a wealth of background information on the WCIT-12 Newsroom in all 6 languages, including a FAQ, a WCIT Myth-Buster Presentation, 14 Backgrounders, links to the current ITRs and the compilation of proposals (TD64), and vido archives of previous media briefings:​

Onsite Media contacts during WCIT

Head of Division: Paul Conneally +971 55 639 7614 /
Media relations: Sarah Parkes +971 55 639 7644 /
Media accreditation/badging: Soraya Abino +971 55 639 7533 /
Local Dubai PR team – Noora Al Ameri +971 55 893 2525 /
Geneva contact: Sanjay Acharya +41 22 730 5046 /
Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you cover the event, either onsite or wherever you are in the world.

Note for media: please register in ITU’s video newsroom for access to broadcast quality footage and news packages at​.