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Goal 7. Energy

ICTs for a Sustainable World

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Affordable and Clean Energy

ICTs and energy efficiency can be connected in two ways: ‘Greening of ICTs’ and ‘Greening through ICTs’. In the first case, ICTs are being transformed and developed to be more environmentally sound and less carbon-intensive. In the second case, ICT-enabled solutions (for example smart grids, smart buildings, smart logistics and industrial processes) are helping to transform the world towards a more sustainable and energy efficient future. These green technologies and processes have the potential to play a significant role in significantly reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.​



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A group of women of Baintala village is participating in a disaster preparedness training at night after a long day of domestic works. Parts of Baintala still have no electricity but that did not affect their training as solar powered Tablet devices were used.
Baintala Village, Rampal, Bangladesh

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Sound Bite

"We simply must balance our demand for energy with our rapidly shrinking resources. By acting now we can control our future instead of letting the future control us."

Jimmy Carter
Former President of the United States of America