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Speech by Houlin Zhao, ITU Deputy Secretary-General
14 January 2011, Geneva, Switzerland
Dear colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Happy New Year to you all! It might be considered a little bit late to present you my best wishes today.
However, for the Chinese, we might see it a little bit early to exchange New Year greetings today, since the Chinese New Year will start from 3 February this year.
I would like share the words with the Secretary General that I am very pleased to be re-elected at the PP-10. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the big confidence the Member States shown in me. I am also grateful to all members of ITU and the staff of ITU for their valuable support.  In particular, I would like to thank the Chinese Ambassador HE Mr He Yafei for his personal efforts for my election and for his presence today at this inauguration ceremony.
As the Deputy Secretary-General, my job is relatively simple: I shall assist the Secretary-General and in cooperation with other elected officials, to ensure the successful implementation of the ITU strategic plan and other tasks. I do not want to repeat those challenges and strategies highlighted by SG, for which I surely share his opinions. I will do my best to fulfill my duties and to provide full satisfaction to your expectation.
Allow me to say a few special words. Thanks to the SG’s confidence in me, in addition to my normal duties of DSG, I can have some ad hoc responsibilities entrusted by him from time to time in the past as well as right now. In 2007, I was the Acting Chief of the Personal Department and later the Acting Chief of the Administration and Finance Department, and for a short while, the acting head of the procurement service. In 2008, I gave up all those responsibilities and then got a new job Acting Manager of ITU Telecom, which continued up to the end of the Council meeting 2009. As you might have heard, now at the beginning of 2011, SG asked me to take back the Acting Chief of the A & F Dept, and I should continue to supervise the C & S Department, and the IS Dept, and the HR and Financial Departments to be established. These are challenging tasks. I will do my best, and I count on your support and coordination.
Thanks for your attention.