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Join your peers from around the world for this free of charge series of ITU Satellite Webinars to share the current technical and regulatory situation, evolution, and trends in the field of satellite communications. These webinars will feature discussions and contributions from well-known experts from the satellite and space industries.
Open to ITU members and non-members!

The webinars being offered are:

Episode #1: Interference to Satellite Systems: preserving or protecting?

Past Webinar

This webinar addressed key topics related to harmful inference affecting the space ecosystem, including cases affecting scientific measurements, denying delivery of broadcasting content, unauthorized use of satellite transponders, interrupting mobile or fixed services, and altering the satellite radionavigation information. 


Episode #2: Non-Geostationary Satellite Systems: entering into the era of broadband service delivery

Past Webinar
This webinar addressed an overview of WRC-19 decisions followed by presentations from satellite operators to update the participants on the new regulatory framework. It also shed light on current debates ahead of WRC-23 and the benefits that these systems will bring to society in the near future. Get more details on Episode 2.

Episode #3: Geostationary Satellite Systems: a world of innovations 36,000 km high 

Past Webinar 
WRC-19 allocated new frequency bands and updated a number of regulatory procedures concerning geostationary satellite networks. Presentations at this webinar provided an overview of these decisions, updated participants on the future innovations and priorities that satellite operators are envisaging in view of the current changing context, and informed future discussions in preparation for WRC-23.



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