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ITU-UNICEF Giga initiative to hold its first Connectivity Forum in Geneva

Global effort gathers government representatives to consider innovations and experiences in getting schools online

Geneva, 26 June 2024

​​​Giga​, the joint ITU-UNICEF initiative aiming to connect every school to the Internet by 2030, will hold the first Giga Connectivity Forum​ from 9 to 10 July 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland. Reporters are invited to cover the opening session in-person on 9 July from 09:00 to 12:35 CEST. 

The Connectivity Forum will explore international efforts to connect schools, including through innovations like AI-driven mapping. High-level representatives from government ministries and experts from 26 countries engaged with Giga will share experiences of connecting schools around the world. 

  • Event: Giga Connectivity Forum opening session
  • Dates: Tuesday, 9 July
  • Time: 09:00-12:35 CEST
  • Location: ITU Headquarters
  • Media Accreditation: Advance registration is required for all journalists, including UNOG-accredited reporters. Send an email to to request accreditation.  

Connecting every student to information and opportunity is a challenge that requires innovation and cooperation among governments, international organizations, private sector and technology providers. Since 2019, Giga and its partners have mapped 2.1 million schools in 142 countries and enabled over 6.74 million students to benefit from increased access to connectivity. But more efforts are required as a third of humanity remains offline, and lack of connectivity is preventing millions of children from realizing their potential. 

The Giga Connectivity Forum opening session will be an important opportunity to:

  1. Experience how innovation and collaboration are connecting schools worldwide. From mapping school locations with our latest Giga Maps tool to developing sustainable business models, Giga's work will be illustrated through practical lessons from countries in pursuit of school connectivity.
  2. Understand the challenges and opportunities of delivering school connectivity. Hear how countries actively engaged with Giga have overcome challenges to make progress in school connectivity.
  3. Examine how fostering regional cooperation and building a community dedicated to school connectivity works through knowledge-sharing and networking.
  4. Find out about future Giga in Geneva activities and latest from the Tech Centre in Barcelona. This includes the Global Connectivity Centre and Learning Hub, set to open in Geneva later in 2024. Learn about the current and future role these centres can play to help accelerate school connectivity.


Editor's notes:

  • Discover the full program of the Giga Connectivity Forum here.
  • Learn more about Giga here.  

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Against the backdrop of rapidly evolving digital technologies, it is unimaginable that one third of humanity – or 2.6 billion people – still remain offline. This lack of connectivity means that many children have fewer opportunities to learn and fulfil their potential. Closing this digital divide requires global cooperation, leadership and innovation in finance and technology. UNICEF and ITU have joined forces to create Giga: a global initiative to connect every school to the Internet by 2030. Learn more:

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