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ITU Radiocommunication Bureau director opens new prestigious space tech summer university programme

Students from around the world take part

Geneva, 01 August 2017

​A new space technology summer university programme has been launched by Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) as part of its popular International Polytechnic Summer School. The prestigious new programme was opened in June  by Mr. François Rancy, ITU Radiocommunication Bureau Director.

SPbPU is an Academy member of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector. Its 2017 International Polytechnic Summer School is hosting more than 500 students from 48 countries – including for the first time students from Azerbaijan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Congo, South Africa, Slovak Republic, Sudan, Sri Lanka and Belarus.

The new space technology course is one of the most popular courses this summer. It is designed to provide advanced techniques of space engineering and understanding of the core physics principles related to space exploration.

In opening the new programme, Mr. François Rancy presented the role of ITU in enabling and shaping the global wireless ecosystem by the establishment of international regulations and standards of universal applicability.

"I am happy to see that satellite technologies are becoming more and more important for more and more students who choose this direction for education and future researches – and I am very glad that ITU and SPbPU can work together to build capacity in this field," said Mr. Rancy in his opening remarks.

More information about the new SPbPU's 2017 International Polytechnic Summer School space technology programme is available here.