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Plenipotentiary Conference (Buenos Aires, 1952)

3 October - 22 December 1952 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Plenipotentiary Conference of 1952 completed the reorganization of the Union started in 1947. The duties and procedural arrangements of the Administrative Council were more clearly defined and expanded, as were the provisions about the duties of the Secretary-General. The Conference also decided that the Secretary-General, the two Assistant Secretaries-General as well as the Directors of each Consultative Committee should all be nationals of different Member States.

The provisions regarding safety of life telecommunications were embodied in a new article (Article 36) and amplified to make it obligatory for absolute priority to be given to telecommunications concerning safety of life at sea, on land, or in the air and to epidemiological telecommunications of exceptional urgency of the World Health Organization.

The Buenos Aires Conference also laid the groundwork for the ultimate mergence of the CCIT and CCIF into a single body, the CCITT.
Plenipotentiary Conference (Buenos Aires, 1952)
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International Telecommunication Convention (Buenos Aires, 1952)(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Convention internationale des télécommunications (Buenos Aires, 1952)(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Convenio Internacional de Telecomunicaciones (Buenos Aires, 1952)(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
International Telecommunication Convention (Buenos Aires, 1952)(中文)download PDF PDF (acrobat)


Analytical table(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
List of Documents of the Plenipotentiary Conference (Buenos Aires, 1952)(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 1-100(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 101-200(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 201-300(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 301-400(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 401-500(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 501-537(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Table analytique(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Liste des documents de la Conférence de plénipotentiaires (Buenos Aires, 1952)(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 1-100(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 101-200(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 201-300(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 301-400(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 401-500(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Document No. 501-537(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Tabla análitica(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Lista de los Documentos de la Conferencia Plenipotenciaria (Buenos Aires, 1952)(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos No. 1-100(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos No. 101-200(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos No. 201-300(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos No. 301-400(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos No. 401-500(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Documentos No. 501-537(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)

List of participants

Lista de Participantes de la Conferencia de Plenipotenciarios (Buenos Aires, 1952)(Español)download PDF PDF (acrobat)


Mr. Mario Aurelio Andrada (Argentina)

Countries participating



"'United Nations Day' at the Plenipotentiary Conference of Buenos Aires." Telecommunication Journal 19, no. 12 (1952): 562-568.(Multilingual)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
"Some reflections on the Plenipotentiary Conference Buenos Aires." Telecommunication Journal 20, no. 7 (1953): 100-103.(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)

Library Catalogue

Link to the ITU Library Catalogue (Buenos Aires, 1952)(Multilingual) URL


The Morning Electron (Buenos Aires, 1952)(Multilingual)download PDF PDF (acrobat)