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International Telegraph Conference (Rome, 1871-1872)

1 December 1871 - 14 January 1872 - Rome, Italy

The third plenipotentiary conference of the International Telegraph Union was of short duration, but several important changes were made in the organization of the Union. In view of the fact that many telegraph lines, notably cables, were in the hands of private companies and that the signatory states were obliged to ensure the enforcement of the Telegraph Convention and Regulations on all companies under their control, it was decided to allow private telegraph companies to be represented in all conferences. The chair of each conference would decide which companies could participate. The companies admitted would have the right of discussion but not the right to vote.

The Bureau of the Union was asked to redraft the Convention and Regulations in a form that would place all of the elements of a permanent nature in the convention and all the details subject to periodic revision in the Regulations. This draft was to be submitted to all administrations for discussion at the next conference.
International Telegraph Conference (Rome, 1871)
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International Telegraph Convention (Rome, 1871-1872)(English)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Convention télégraphique internationale (Rome, 1871-1872)(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)


Documents de la Conférence télégraphique internationale (Rome, 1871-1872)(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)
Rapport du Bureau international des Administrations télégraphiques aux Conférences de Rome (1871-1872)(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)

List of participants

Liste des participants de la Conférence télégraphique internationale (Rome, 1871-1872)(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)


Commander d’Amico (Italy)

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"Conférence télégraphique internationale de Rome." Journal télégraphique 1, no. 26 (1871): 398-400.(Français)download PDF PDF (acrobat)

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