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GMPCS is a personal communication system providing transnational, regional or global coverage from a constellation of satellites accessible with small and easily transportable terminals. Whether the GMPCS satellite systems are geostationary or non-geostationary, fixed or mobile, broadband or narrowband, global or regional, they are capable of providing telecommunication services directly to end users. GMPCS services include two-way voice, fax, messaging, data and even broadband multimedia.

Role of the ITU

During the first World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF) held in Geneva in October 1996, 129 ITU Member States and 70 Sector Members addressed the regulatory issues concerning the future deployment of GMPCS systems. The WTPF produced five opinions on the principles and issues related to the introduction of GMPCS systems. Opinion 4 proposed a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate Arrangements for type approval, licensing, marking, provision of traffic data, and customs recommendations related to the free circulation of GMPCS terminals (GMPCS-MoU).

After the WTPF, the Secretary-General of the ITU convened an Informal Group of Administrations, GMPCS operators, service providers and terminal manufacturers. Working with the support of the ITU General Secretariat, the Group finalized the GMPCS-MoU, then it adopted the GMPCS-MoU Arrangements. Finally, the Group approved the procedures for the Implementation of the GMPCS-MoU Arrangements which were adopted as Annex 1 to the Arrangements. Its main features are the notification and implementation procedures and a decision on the GMPCS-MoU Mark.

In May 1998 the ITU Council adopted Resolution 1116 authorizing the depository role of the ITU Secretary-General and the use of the Abbreviation "ITU" as part of the GMPCS-MoU Mark to facilitate the free circulation of GMPCS terminals. The ITU General Secretariat makes available the list of GMPCS-MoU Signatories, including Administrations (ITU Member States). It also maintains the registry for type approval letters used by Administrations and/or Competent Authorities to approve terminals that are notified to the ITU, and for terminal types once Administrations and/or Competent Authorities have notified the ITU that terminals have been granted type approval. The ITU General Secretariat will update the implementation of the GMPCS-MoU Arrangements by participants. This information will provide: 
  • a list of entities implementing the Arrangements either in full or in part
  • a list of GMPCS systems authorized in each country
  • a list of the GMPCS terminals registered at the ITU indicating their status in each countries.


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