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Add to calendar  ITU-T SG17
Aug 29 2016 - Sep 7 2016 Switzerland [Geneva]
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG09
Aug 29 2016 - Sep 2 2016 Switzerland [Geneva]
Broadband cable and TV
Add to calendar  ITU-D WORKSHOPS
Jan 1 2016 - Dec 31 2016 Switzerland [Geneva]

Geneva Daily Schedule

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ITU-T  ITU-T - Delegate Registration Montbrillant008:3012:00
ITU-T  SG9 - Plenary followed by WPs 1/9 and 2/9 Plenaries in seriesMontbrillantH09:3010:45
ITU-T  SG17 - Opening PlenaryTowerPopov09:3011:30
ITU-T  SG17 - WPs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5/17 Plenaries in seriesTowerPopov11:3012:30
ITU-T  SG9 - Newcomers sessionMontbrillantH12:3013:30
ITU-T  ITU-T - Delegate Registration Montbrillant013:3017:00
ITU-T  Joint session Qs 1/9 and 7/9MontbrillantK214:3015:45
ITU-T  Q3/9 - Conditional access and protectionVarembéF14:3015:45
ITU-T  Q8/9 - Multimedia IP applications for cable TVMontbrillantK114:3015:45
ITU-T  Q4/9 - SW Components APIs frameworks and architectureTowerA14:3017:30
ITU-T  Q5/9 - Functional requirements residential gateway and STBVarembéG216:1517:30
ITU-T  Q7/9 - Delivery of digital services: IP/packet-based dataMontbrillantK216:1517:30