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Add to calendar  ITU-SG AHGFHR2
Apr 20 2021 - Apr 20 2021 Virtual Event
CWG-FHR Ad hoc group on ITU regional presence
Add to calendar  ITU-R WKS
Apr 19 2021 - Apr 23 2021 E-Meeting
ITU-R Workshops
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG03RG.ARB
Apr 20 2021 - Apr 20 2021 E-Meeting
SG3 Regional Group for the Arab region
Add to calendar  ITU-R WP7A
Apr 19 2021 - Apr 23 2021 E-Meeting
Time Signals and Frequency Standard Emissions
Add to calendar  ITU-R WP7C
Apr 15 2021 - Apr 23 2021 E-Meeting
Remote Sensing Systems
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG16
Apr 19 2021 - Apr 30 2021 E-Meeting
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG17
Apr 20 2021 - Apr 30 2021 E-Meeting
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG09
Apr 19 2021 - Apr 28 2021 E-Meeting
Broadband cable and TV
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG15
Apr 12 2021 - Apr 23 2021 E-Meeting
Transport, access and home

Geneva Daily Schedule

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ITU-T  SG16: Q21 - Multimedia framework, applications and services@Virtual Room (TSB) 0208:0011:15
ITU-T  SG16: Q5 - Artificial intelligence-enabled multimedia applications@Virtual Room (TSB) 0308:0013:00
ITU-T  SG16: Q27 - Vehicular multimedia communications, systems, networks, and applications@Virtual Room (TSB) 0509:4513:00
ITU-T  SG16: Q8 - Immersive live experience systems and services@Virtual Room (TSB) 0609:4513:00
ITU-T  SG16: Q12 - Intelligent visual systems and services@Virtual Room (TSB) 0409:4514:45
ITU-T  SG9: Training programme@Virtual Room (TSB) 0710:0011:30
ITU-R  2nd Series of the GE84 Plan Optimization for Africa - Workshop (English)@Virtual Room (ITU-R) 0510:0011:30
ITU-T  SG17 Opening plenary followed by WPs plenaries@Virtual Room (TSB) 0110:0015:00
SG  Accelerated pace of digitalization in Africa - ITC@Virtual Room (SG) 111:0012:00
ITU-T  SG3: Regional Group for the Arab Region (SG3RG-ARB)@Virtual Room (TSB) 0811:0015:45
ITU-T  SG16: Leadership training@Virtual Room (TSB) 0911:3013:00
ITU-T  SG9: Q1 - Transmission and delivery control of television and sound programme signal for contribution, primary distribution and secondary distribution@Virtual Room (TSB) 1011:4513:00
ITU-T  SG9: Q6 - Functional requirements for terminal devices of the integrated broadband cable network@Virtual Room (TSB) 1111:4513:00
ITU-T  SG9: Q12 - AI-enabled enhanced functions over integrated broadband cable network@Virtual Room (TSB) 1211:4513:00
SG  Standards on inclusive workplace & ICT readiness - CSEND@Virtual Room (SG) 112:0013:00
ITU-R  2nd Series of the GE84 Plan Optimization for Africa - Workshop (English)@Virtual Room (ITU-R) 0512:0013:30
ITU-R  WG 7C-3: Passive sensor issues@Virtual Room (ITU-R) 0112:0013:45
ITU-R  WP 7A Plenary, followed by DG-B on SFTS protection criteria, then DG-Don a new question, then DG-C on PDNR UTC@Virtual Room (ITU-R) 0312:0013:45
SG  CWG-FHR Ad hoc group on ITU Regional Presence@Virtual Room (SG) 212:0015:00
SG  ALFM Action Line C5: Cybersecurity : Global Cybersecurity Index Report Launch: Multidisciplinary/Multidimensional Cybersecurity Design@Virtual Room (SG) 113:0014:00
ITU-T  SG15: Promotion, Coordination including QALL TDs and BSG Issues@Virtual Room (TSB) 1313:0014:45
ITU-T  SG9: Q2 - Methods and practices for conditional access and content protection@Virtual Room (TSB) 1413:1514:30
ITU-T  SG16: Q1 - Multimedia and digital services coordination@Virtual Room (TSB) 1513:1514:45
ITU-T  SG16: Q13 - Content delivery, multimedia application platforms and end systems for IP-based TV services including digital signage@Virtual Room (TSB) 1613:1516:30
ITU-T  SG16: Q22 - Multimedia aspects of distributed ledger technologies and e-services@Virtual Room (TSB) 1713:1516:30
SG  ICTs and Smart Energy: Accelerating the use of ICTs for sustainability@Virtual Room (SG) 114:0015:00
ITU-R  WG 7C-1: Active sensors and space weather issues@Virtual Room (ITU-R) 0114:1516:00
ITU-R  WP 7A Plenary, followed by DG-C on PDNR UTC@Virtual Room (ITU-R) 0314:1516:00
ITU-T  SG9: Q8 - The Internet protocol (IP) enabled multimedia applications and services for cable television networks enabled by converged platforms@Virtual Room (TSB) 1814:4516:00
ITU-T  SG17: Session on allocation of NWIs (incubation session)@Virtual Room (TSB) 1915:0016:00
ITU-T  SG16: Q28 - Multimedia framework for digital health applications@Virtual Room (TSB) 2015:0018:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q4 - Broadband access over metallic conductors@Virtual Room (TSB) 2115:0018:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q18 - Technologies for in-premises networking and related access applications@Virtual Room (TSB) 2215:0018:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q5 - Characteristics and test methods of optical fibres and cables, and installation guidance@Virtual Room (TSB) 2315:1517:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q6 - Characteristics of optical components, subsystems and systems for optical transport networks@Virtual Room (TSB) 2415:1517:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q8 - Characteristics of optical fibre submarine cable systems@Virtual Room (TSB) 2515:1517:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q10 - Interfaces, interworking, OAM, protection and equipment specifications for packet-based transport networks@Virtual Room (TSB) 2615:1517:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q11 - Signal structures, interfaces, equipment functions, protection and interworking for optical transport networks@Virtual Room (TSB) 2715:1517:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q12 - Transport network architectures@Virtual Room (TSB) 2815:1517:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q14 - Management and control of transport systems and equipment@Virtual Room (TSB) 3015:1517:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q1 - Coordination of access and home network transport standards@Virtual Room (TSB) 3115:1517:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q2 - Optical systems for fibre access networks@Virtual Room (TSB) 3215:1517:00
ITU-T  SG15: Q13 - Network synchronization and time distribution performance@Virtual Room (TSB) 2915:1517:30
ITU-T  WP3/15 management team meeting@Virtual Room (TSB) 3317:1518:45