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Add to calendar  ITU-T SG15RGM
Oct 21 2019 - Oct 24 2019 Germany
SG15 rapporteur group meeting
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG11
Oct 16 2019 - Oct 25 2019 Switzerland [Geneva]
Protocols and test specifications
Add to calendar  ITU-R RA19
Oct 21 2019 - Oct 25 2019 Egypt [Sharm El Sheikh]
Radiocommunication Assembly 2019 (RA-19)
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG13
Oct 14 2019 - Oct 25 2019 Switzerland [Geneva]
Future networks
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG15RGM
Oct 21 2019 - Oct 25 2019 Korea (Rep. of) [Seoul]
SG15 rapporteur group meeting
Add to calendar  ITU-D WORKSHOPS
Oct 22 2019 - Oct 24 2019 Sudan [Khartoum]
Add to calendar  ITU-T TSB
Oct 22 2019 - Oct 22 2019 Switzerland [Geneva]
Telecommunication Standardization Sector
Add to calendar  ITU-T TSB.WORKSHOPS
Oct 22 2019 - Oct 22 2019 United Arab Emirates [Dubai]
Telecommunication Standardization Bureau Workshops

Geneva Daily Schedule

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ITU-T  ITU-T Delegate RegistrationMontbrillant008:3012:00
ITU-T  Q6/11 - Protocols for IMT-2020TowerT10309:3010:45
ITU-T  Q10/11 - Testing of emerging IMT-2020 technologiesMontbrillantL209:3012:30
ITU-T  Q23/13 - FMC VarembéF09:3012:30
ITU-T  Q5/11 - Protocols for B.N.G. servicesMontbrillantM209:3012:30
ITU-T  Q17/13 Cloud & big data ecosystem VarembéG309:3012:30
ITU-T  Q20/13 - IMT-2020 Requirements & ArchitectureMontbrillantL109:3012:30
ITU-T  Q21/13 - SDN, network slicing and orchestrationTowerT10109:3012:30
ITU-T  Q22/13 - Upcoming network technologiesVarembéG109:3012:30
ITU-T  Q16/13 - Knowledge and trust MontbrillantK109:3012:30
ITU-T  Q1/13 - CovergenceTowerC 109:3012:30
ITU-T  Q2/13 - NGNeTowerA09:3012:30
ITU-T  Q13/11 - Monitoring parameters for protocols used in emerging networks,.....MontbrillantH209:3012:30
ITU-T  Q14/11 - Cloud interoperability testingMontbrillantH109:3012:30
ITU-T  Q15/11 - Combating counterfeit and stolen ICT equipmentMontbrillantK209:3012:30
ITU-T  Q18/13 - Cloud & big data architectureTowerC209:3012:30
ITU-T  Q19/13 - Cloud management & SecurityMontbrillantM109:3012:30
ITU-T  Q1/11 - Signalling and protocol architectures in emerging telecommunication environments and guidelines for implementationsVarembéE09:3012:30
ITU-T  Q7/11 - Signalling requirements and protocols for network attachment including mobility and resource.....TowerT10311:1512:30
ITU-T  SG13 Management teamTowerC213:3014:30
ITU-T  ITU-T Delegate RegistrationMontbrillant013:3017:00
ITU-T  ITU Brainstorming session on SS7 vulnerabilities and the impact on different industries.....TowerC114:0018:00
ITU-T  Q23/13 - FMC VarembéF14:3017:30
ITU-T  Q8/11 - Protocols supporting distributed content networking and (ICN) for future networks and IMT-2020TowerT10314:3017:30
ITU-T  Q22/13 - Upcoming network technologiesVarembéG114:3017:30
ITU-T  Q21/13 - SDN, network slicing and orchestrationTowerT10114:3017:30
ITU-T  Q17/13 Cloud & big data ecosystem VarembéG314:3017:30
ITU-T  Q16/13 - Knowledge and trust MontbrillantK114:3017:30
ITU-T  Q7/13 - bDDN&DPIVarembéG214:3017:30
ITU-T  Q2/13 - NGNeTowerA14:3017:30
ITU-T  Q5/13 - Future networks for developing countriesMontbrillantH114:3017:30
ITU-T  Q19/13 - Cloud management & SecurityMontbrillantM114:3017:30
ITU-T  Q6/13 - QoS for IMT-2020MontbrillantH214:3017:30
ITU-T  Q15/11 - Combating counterfeit and stolen ICT equipmentMontbrillantK214:3017:30
ITU-T  Q20/13 - IMT-2020 Requirements & ArchitectureMontbrillantL114:3019:30