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Mar 23 2015 - Apr 2 2015 Switzerland [Geneva]
Second Session of the Conference Preparatory Meeting for WRC-15

Geneva Daily Schedule

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ITU-R  SWG 4.1a - ai 1.6TowerC09:3012:00
ITU-R  SWG 5a - ai 7TowerPopov10:0013:00
ITU-R  SWG 4.2b - ai 1.10TowerA10:3014:00
ITU-R  SWG 3a - ai 1.5TowerPopov14:0015:20
ITU-R  SWG 1c - ai 1.3TowerA14:0015:20
ITU-R  SWG 1b - 1.2TowerC14:0015:20
ITU-R  SWG 4.2b - ai 1.10VarembéG114:0017:00
ITU-R  SWG 5b - ai 9.1TowerC15:4017:00
ITU-R  SWG 1a - ai 1.1TowerPopov15:4017:00