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Add to calendar  ITU-R WP5A
May 22 2017 - Jun 1 2017 Switzerland [Geneva]
Land mobile service above 30 MHz*(excluding IMT); wireless access in the fixed service; amateur and amateur-satellite services
Add to calendar  ITU-R WP5B
May 22 2017 - Jun 2 2017 Switzerland [Geneva]
Maritime mobile service including Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS); aeronautical mobile service and radiodetermination service
Add to calendar  ITU-R WP5C
May 22 2017 - May 31 2017 Switzerland [Geneva]
Fixed wireless systems; HF and other systems below 30 MHz in the fixed and land mobile services
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG09
May 24 2017 - May 31 2017 China [Hangzhou]
Broadband cable and TV
Add to calendar  ITU-T SG16RGM
Mar 1 2017 - Sep 30 2017 Switzerland [Geneva]
SG16 rapporteur group meeting

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ITU-R  DG 5A4-1a - Report RLAN SHARINGTowerC 113:0014:30
ITU-R  DG 5C-3 - AI 1.1.4 - Tech. and oper. char.TowerC 214:0017:00
ITU-R  DG 5A4-1a - Report RLAN SHARINGTowerC 114:4516:15
ITU-R  DG 5A4-1b - Report RLAN REQ-PARTowerC 116:3018:00