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CWG-Internet: Online Open Consultation (December 2020)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Topic of Discussion 

The ITU Council Working Group on International Internet-related Public Policy Issues (CWG-Internet) is holding an open consultation on the following topic

Expanding Internet Connectivity

CWG-Internet invites all stakeholders to submit contributions on i​nternational​​ internet-related public policy issues relating to expanding internet connectivity, focusing on the following questions:

1. What are the challenges and opportunities for expanding Internet connectivity, particularly to remote and under-served areas? What are the roles of governments and non-government actors in overcoming these challenges?

2. Are there particular challenges facing land-locked countries in securing affordable Internet access? What can be done to overcome these challenges?

3. How can small/community/non-profit operators help in promoting the increase of Internet connectivity?

Useful Information and Instructions:

Informa​tion on the Online Open Consultation

​​Online Open Consultations are launched by the CWG-Internet and are held throughout the period between two successive CWG-Internet meetings. This process gives an opportunity to all stakeholders from all nations to express their views with regard to the topic(s) under discussion.​ 

Note: Responses to the questions of this round of Open Consultations could be submitted through the online form, where you can also find more detailed guidelines on the submission process. Kindly note that the deadline for responses was ​​15 December 2020.

Information on the Virtual​​ meeting - Physical Open Consultation​​

Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Physical Open Consultation will be held virtually. For additional information and guidelines on registration for the Virtual meeting - Physical Open Consultation​​, please click here.

​​Discussions during the Virtual meeting - Physical Open Consultation​ will be based on the responses received during the Online Open Consultation process, which will be consolidated in a single document ("Compilation Document").

During the virtual meeting, respondents to the Online Open Co​nsultation will h​ave the opportunity to present their submitted views and to have a fruitful discussion with the other participants, including Members of the CWG-Internet.


DINIZ, Rafael5/26/2020 5:52 PMRhizomaticaBrazil
Based on "Handbook Frequency-adaptive communication systems and networks in the MF/HF bands", by ITU ...
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DE SILVA-MITCHELL, Amali5/29/2020 8:25 AMFuturist / Civil SocietyUK / Sri Lanka
1. What are the challenges and opportunities for expanding Internet connectivity, particularly to re ...
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SIRIMANNE, Shamika7/17/2020 5:48 PMUNCTADSwitzerland
While there has been rapid progress in accessing the internet since WSIS, there remain manifold divi ...
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ORTEGA, Marco Antonio7/28/2020 9:32 AMUnited Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN ECLAC)Chile
Summary attached
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NAKAGAKI, Maiko7/28/2020 11:52 AMAlliance for Affordable InternetUSA
Summary attached
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EXELBY, Belinda8/13/2020 10:58 AMGSMAUnited Kingdom
Please see attached PDF for Summary and Full Response
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RENNO NUNES, Raquel8/19/2020 4:58 PMArticle 19UK
The economic challenges to the expansion of Internet connectivity are mostly related to the higher c ...
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SALDANHA, Marcelo9/29/2020 6:03 PMIBEBrasilBrazil
The internet access need to be a human right in fact, cause the digital transformation shows us how ...
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DE SILVA-MITCHELL, Amali10/8/2020 5:36 AMIGF Dynamic Coalition on Data Driven Health TechnologiesUK & Sri Lanka
Comments 2 with focus on supports for eHealth service delivery 1) E-Health access for all has be ...
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BELLI, Luca10/22/2020 4:23 PMFGV Law SchoolBrazil
To contribute the ITU consultation on "Expanding Internet Connectivity", we offer the Official 2019 ...
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BELLI, Luca10/22/2020 4:54 PMDynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity (DC3)Brazil
On behalf of the Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity (DC3) of the United Nations Internet Go ...
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HILL, Richard11/6/2020 3:58 PMAssociation for Proper Internet GovernanceSwitzerland
As we already stated in our contributions to previous opens consultation on this topic, the key issu ...
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HILL, Richard11/6/2020 4:00 PMAssociation for Proper Internet GovernanceSwitzerland
Funding the rollout of national infrastructure and the cost of international connectivity have alway ...
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HILL, Richard11/6/2020 4:05 PMAssociation for Proper Internet GovernanceSwitzerland
As stated in one of the essays for the collection Digital New Deal, it is important to focus on the ...
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KIVUVA, Mwendwa12/5/2020 12:42 PMKICTANetKenya
KICTANet has worked with Community Networks for several years, and in 2020, it produced the first Po ...
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JAKOVLJEVIC, Dejan12/11/2020 2:35 PMFood and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsItaly
Access to internet is a necessity for economic and human development for countries. The challenges o ...
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JOHNSON, ryan12/15/2020 1:59 AMViasatUnited States
Viasat is pleased to provide its response to the ITU CWG-Internet's Open Consultation "International ...
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O'BRIEN, Laura12/15/2020 9:26 PMAccess NowUnited States
SUMMARY (submission attached) This submission raises three main points to address the CWG-Internet’ ...
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PEÑA, Paz12/15/2020 11:06 PMAl SurChile
This document is presented by the Al Sur consortium (a group of 11 civil society organizations and a ...
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Michael Jensen & Carlos Rey-Moreno 12/22/2020 10:29 AMAPCPortugal & Spain
GOULDEN, Anna1/8/2021 1:46 PMUK GovernmentUnited Kingdom
​​​​​The internet is a critical enabler of economic and social development. However, in order to exp ...
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CHOI, JUN KYUN1/14/2021 2:38 AMKAISTSouth Korea
this contribution proposes to develop the analysis table of wireless technology in terms of frequenc ...
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CHOI, JUN KYUN1/14/2021 2:41 AMKAISTSouth Korea
This contribution proposes to develop the definition and generic framework of “open data.” Also, the ...
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