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Cluster of CWG and EG meetings - Registration

Registration ​to the Expert Group on Decision 482
(EG-DEC.482) to be held in Geneva on 27 & 28 September 2018

The CRM registration system will be used for this meeting.

Registration is carried out exclusively online by each participant interested in attending EG-DEC.482 meeting in person or remotely. The request will then be validated through the Focal Points (DFPs) designated by each administration and entity that are entitled to participate. Every participant must first create a user account before proceeding with online registration.

First step: Create your user account (unless already created)

have to create a single user account* (if not yet created) which allows each participant to register for EG-DEC.482.

*  This user account is unique and can be used to register in all meetings using this new CRM registration system.

Info for Registration Focal point:

Most focal points (DFPs) have normally automatically received their user account (either recently or during previous events managed via the pilot registration system) allowing them to either register themselves or validate requests to participate in the delegation of their administration/entity entitled to participate. New DFPs will be informed of the procedure to obtain their user account as focal point. Should you, as Registration Focal Point, not have received, or lost, your account, please do not hesitate to contact us at sg-registration [at] The current list of DFPs is available on the right side of this page.

It is to note that this user account shall not replace TIES account.

Second step: Online registration

Once the user account is created, each participant will need to complete the online registration form, that will then later have to be accredited by the DFP. Remote participation requests and visa assistance requests must be processed directly on the form. The online registration form is available on the right side of this page.