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​​​Council Working Group for strategic and financial plans 2020-2023


​The Council Working Group for Strategic and Financial Plans of the Union for 2020-2023 was established by Resolution 1384 adopted by the 2017 Session of ​Council. 

2nd Public consultation on the Draft Strategic Plan 2020-2023​ 

​​Blog by the Chair:Setting the priorities for ITU’s strategy beyond 2020​.​​


​In accordance with Resolution 1384​, the Working Group (CWG-SFP), open to Member States and, when addressing the draft Strategic Plan, also open to Sector Members, has​ the following terms of reference:

a)  to identify, with the assistance of the Secretary-General and the Directors of the Bureaux, sources of information to be used in the development of the draft Plans, and to take into account the discussion of this issue at the 2017 session of the Council;

b) to develop drafts of the Strategic and Financial Plans for presentation to the 2018 session of the Council;

c) to continue its discussions, if necessary, on the Financial Plan until the extraordinary session of the Council prior to the PP-18;

d) to closely coordinate with other Council Working Groups which may work on items related to the draft Strategic and Financial Plans.


Fourth meeting: 16 April 2018, Room Popov
Continuation of meeting: 18 April 2018, Popov Room, 1600 hours​

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Third meeting: 15-16 January 2018
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Chairman's Report of the 3rd meeting
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Second meeting: 11-12 September 2017
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First meeting: Tuesday 23 May 2017

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Ch​airman's Report of the 1st meeting ​